Year-Round Protection

We have the most extensive and effective pest control services available on the market. We have designed a 4 Seasons Service Plan that is a unique treatment for each season offering you the best results. This is not your typical walk around the home and spray the baseboards and the foundation like everyone else. No one in the Utah has a service like ours which means you are better protected.

Rest With Ease

Your Seasonal Coverage

Winter Service Coverage

In the winter pests are typically over wintering inside the home. We must seek and destroy these insects so they do not become a problem in the next year. Rodent stations must also be checked and rebaited to maintain the defense and keep the mice out.

Inspections and prevention of pantry pests, drain cleanings, and specialized window treatments.

Service Includes:

  • Interior Web Cleaning
  • Interior Crack & Crevice Dusting
  • Specialized Window Treatment
  • Rodent Stations & Prevention
  • Biological Drain Cleaner

Spring Service Coverage

Spring brings warmth, melting snow, green reappearing, and insects hatching. Spiders in particular have large hatchings in the spring. We must create an interior and exterior barrier to keep them out.

Service Includes:

  • Outside & Inside Web Cleaning
  • Power Treating Foundation
  • Specialized Deck Treatment
  • Interior Ant Baiting
  • Crawl Space Treatment

Summer Service Coverage

Summer brings heat, outside play, and barbecues. With the heat come wasps, earwigs, and ants. We focus on eliminating harborages and creating a protective barrier outside the home to keep them out and off of your home.

Service Includes:

  • Hot Spotting
  • Power Treating Foundation
  • Exterior Insect Bait
  • Extensive Wasp Treatment
  • Apply Water Activated Crystals

Fall Service Coverage

Summers over and fall brings falling leaves, cooler temps, and insects. Spiders, wasps, ants, and mice are just a few of the insects that are coming into the home to find shelter in the Fall. We combat this with an extensive exterior program focusing on eliminating these pests and preventing others.

Service Includes:

  • Rodent Stations
  • Exterior Dusting
  • Specialized Deck Treatment
  • Hot Spotting
  • Eave & Soffit Application

Overview of Our

4 Seasons Service Program

Outside Webster  
Eave and Soffit Applications  
Hot Spotting
Power Treating Foundation  
Apply Water Activated Crystals      
Extensive Wasp Treatment      
Specialized Deck Treatment    
Exterior Dusting    
Exterior Insect Bait      
Interior Webster    
Interior Dusting Wall Voids      
Crawl Space Treatment      
Interior Crack & Crevice Dusting    
Interior Ant Baitin      
Botanical Aerosol    
Specialized Window Treatment    
Rodent Station    
Biological Drain Cleaner      
Crack & Crevice Treatment for Pantry Pests