Company Mission

To provide unsurpassed quality service to obtain 110% customer and team member satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and love. To create empowered team members, working in an environment of trust, respect, continual learning, teamwork, reliability, continual improvement, passion, and innovation. To enhance the quality of life for our clients, our industry, our team members, and our communities.

What Makes Us Different

Meet The Team

Kevin Thorn

The Boss

Kevin is the owner of Thorn. He is responsible for the overall workings of the company, hiring, technical direction, training, research, and handles Radar, the bed bug detection canine. He has years of experience and loves his job.

Ryan Collins

The Wise

Ryan is Thorn’s lead technician and rodent expert. Ryan has years of experience and is an amazing worker. If a job needs to be done and it needs to be done right, Ryan is the man for the job.

Brett Taylor

The Easy Going

Brett is one of Thorn’s experienced technicians and is married to “The Boss’s” sister-in-law. Brett is never a complainer and always has a smile on his face.

Jacob Glenn

The Rising Star

Jacob is a young superstar. He has been with Thorn for 2 years and has already proved himself as a true professional.

Steve Curtis

The Consistent

Steve is kind, detailed, and consistent. Years of experience and training have made Steve one of the best pest management professional in Utah.

Holton Jeppson

The Caring

Holton is hard working and cares about each client. He works so hard to give each client the best possible service and therefore the best results.


The Flame Thrower

Kory is Thorn’s bed bug heat professional. Kory works hard every day in 140 degree heat to make sure that clients have a bed bug free home, apartment, or business. Thank you Kory!

Emeral Cummings

The Planner

Meet Emeral the office manager at Thorn Pest Solutions. Emeral is a very talented manager. She is responsible for providing customers with a great experience.

Rebecca Jane

The Closer

Rebecca Jane is one of our fabulous service consultants. She has a great talent for talking to our clients and finding exactly how we can best help. She cares about each client and it shows.


The Knowledgeable

Rudi is another one of our amazing service consultants. Rudi is an incredibly fast learner and has used this ability to learn all about Thorn’s services to best serve our clients.

Pat VanHooser

The Experienced

Pat has been worked in pest control for more than 30 years and has seen it all. Her latest adventure was working for the military in Afghanistan as a pest professional. If she can keep our soldiers safe, we think she can diagnose pest problems in Utah! She is hands on and loves to chat with our clients to resolve their pest problems. Call her anytime!

True Service

What We Believe

Environmentally Friendly

At Thorn take great pride in caring for our environment. We use innovative pest control practices that have the least negative impact to our surroundings. We use recycled and green products as much as possible, including our business cards, letterhead, and marketing materials. We have Ecosmart products available, which are made of natural ingredients when requested. We also recycle as much as possible.

Quality Trusted Guarantee™

All of our services are backed by our Quality Trusted Guarantee™. No matter what, your home will be pest free.

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Our Core Values

  1. 1. Appreciate, Educate & Wow Customers

    We are in business to improve the quality of life for our clients. We dedicate ourselves to go above and beyond in everything we do.

  2. 2. Constantly Learn & Improve

    We are only as good as what we know and that is why we spend hours in training meetings, seminars, and lectures learning all that we can. We are always working to improve everything we do.

  3. 3. Offer Great Value

    We strive to offer you the best bang for your buck. We want every penny spent with our company to be well worth it.

  4. 4. Be Innovative & Take Risks

    Our company is constantly innovating new services. We were the first company in Utah with a bed bug dog, bed bug heat treatments, organic based fertilizers, season long wasp control treatments, and our unique 4 Seasons program.

  5. 5. Communicate Clearly

    We have invested heavily in technology to plan, track, and schedule your services. We know good communication and follow through are important to bringing you the best in pest management.

  6. 6. Be Passionate & Positive

    We love our work and we hope you can tell by our eagerness to get things done right. This is our life’s work and we are proud to serve you every day!