Bed Bug Free in 24 Hours

One treatment and your nightmare is over. No other company in the Utah area is trusted more with bed bugs than Thorn. That's because we've successfully eliminated them on the first treatment from thousands of rooms.

Our tried and true process

4 Step Bed Bug Removal

Step 1: Identify the problem areas.

From start to finish we are going to walk you through this process and make sure you know we are doing the best to rid your home of bed bugs. First thing we have to do is determine where we have bed bugs. For this we use our bed bug detection canine and visual inspections.

Bed Bug Canine Inspection:

We start with a canine inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs and identify their key harborages.

Visual Inspection:

Thorough inspection looking for live or dead bed bugs, as well as blood spots on mattress, box springs, or bed linens.

Step 2: Design a Plan.

Once we know where we have bed bugs we design a custom strategy for heat treatment. Every case and structure is different so we must address and talk about what needs to be done to ensure success.

Potential Problem Areas:

We take a look at what is going to be difficult and what could potentially cause a failure in treatment like clutter, difficult layout, crawl spaces, adjoining rooms etc. Then we create remedies for each of those difficulties to create a rock solid bed bug plan.

Treatment Methods:

We discuss and decide which treatment methods will be used and where. Are we going to use electric or propane heat? If we are not going to heat the entire space where should we provide chemical treatments as a precaution?.

Step 3. Prepare the Areas.

After we have identified the problem areas and designed a solid plan of action, we then prepare the areas for heat. Heat sensitive items are removed, things are moved into the center of the room, chemical barriers are placed down, diatomaceous earth is placed in all wall voids, and temperature probes are placed around the room.

Prepare the room:

We take the room apart to allow maximum air flow and to eliminate cold spots.

Chemical Barrier:

We place a residual product around the area to form a barrier to prevent bed bugs from escaping the heat treatment and Diatomaceous Earth is placed in wall voids.

Step 4. Perform Heat Treatment

Using state of the art heaters we slowly heat the room and all the contents to 130-140 degrees and after target temperatures are reached we then hold those temperature for at least 3 hours. The entire process from set up to tear down usually takes 9-12 hours.

Temperature Probes:

We have temperature probes placed throughout the area and we monitor and log these temperatures every 15 minutes. We also perform frequent walkthroughs and measure temperatures using an infrared thermometer.

Rotate Furniture:

When needed, we rotate furniture and items to ensure thorough heat penetration.

We want every customer to be a happy customer which is why we offer our Quality Trusted Guarantee™

Fast and Most Effective

Heat Treatment Advantages

“It is almost impossible to eradicate bed bugs with chemicals alone.”

Dr. Dini Miller
Virginia Tech University
NPMA Bed Bug Forum 2011

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  1. 1. Most Effective Treatment

    Usually 1 treatment for complete eradication.

  2. 2. Less Time

    Usually completed in 24 hours.

  3. 3. Less Preparation

    No need to move everything out.

  4. 4. Less Chemical Exposure

    Safe solutions that are children friendly.

  5. 5. Less Money

    Fewer treatments means less cost.

  6. 6. Guaranteed Removal

    No matter what, your home will be bed bug free.

K9 Inspection

What To Expect

Before we arrive:

We ask that you do a few things to create the best environment for the dog to work.

  • Remove any pets from the areas that are to be inspected
  • Pet toys, pet food and water must be non-accessible to the bed bug detection canine
  • Noise and human distraction must be minimized
  • Air conditioners, heaters, and ceiling fans need to be turned off 30 minutes prior to the dog’s arrival
  • Extinguish all smoking materials and remove any air fresheners or lit candles within the home 2 hours prior to in-house inspection

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During Our Visit:

You should expect clean, professional & discreet service.

Visual Inspection: Radar and the handler will begin with a visual inspection to make sure the environment is suitable for the search and there are no obvious signs of bed bugs.

Controlled Hide: Next the dog will search for a hidden vial of live bed bugs to ensure that the dog is working properly and to get the dog excited about working.

Canine Inspection: Then the dog and handler will begin to thoroughly inspect all areas necessary. The handler’s job is to ensure that everything is searched, the dog is on task, and that he stays out of the way and lets the dog work.

Post Inspection Brief: If there is an alert or if there were any areas that could not be searched thoroughly because of debris or locked doors or anything else, it will all be reviewed at the end of the inspection.