New 4 Seasons Program

Our new 4 Seasons Program is amazing. It is designed with a different extensive service each season. This program is a detailed service focusing on delivering results where pests hide and not simply spraying the foundation and baseboards and hoping that the pests cross it. This is the best pest control that you can buy.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Quarterly Service
  • Specifically designed for each season here in Utah
  • Includes full Wasp Treatment Program- $175 value- guarantees against wasp nesting for the entire year
  • Includes Full Ant Control including baiting to prevent ants- $50-$80 value
  • Includes Rodent Control- $125+ value
  • Includes Biological Drain Cleaning to prevent gnats and fruit flies- $60 value
  • We include sheds and crawl spaces at no extra charge
  • Dust in wall voids around all accessible plumbing with specialized equipment
  • Specialized window treatments to prevent pests from entering through the windows
  • We do not run your baseboards with a hand sprayer and hope that the insects cross the chemical
  • We get deep into the walls and harborages to stop insects
  • Long-lasting residual dusts are applied to all cracks on the exterior of home
  • Water Activated Crystals used around the foundation of home in the summer
  • Free call backs if you have insect problems inside the home