Bed Bug Calls Up 200% Over Last Year

Bed bug infestations have been increasing in Utah exponentially over the past few years. In 2006 we received our first phone call for bed bugs. Honestly we had no idea what to do. We opened a few of our pest control books from our library and read about the pest.

Now, things are very different. We are now one of the top bed bug professionals in the nation. We have devoted thousands of hours to research, study, seminars, hands on experience, treatments, and hard work. We were the first in Utah with a bed bug detection canine and also the first in Utah with heat treatments. We have heated thousands of rooms successfully. We have also taken the time to study the behaviors of our live colonies of bed bugs.

The number of calls is also very different. We now receive bed bug calls every day. We are doing heat treatments for bed bugs almost every day. The number of bed bugs infestations in Utah is astounding. Last year I thought we were so busy we couldn’t see straight and this year bed bug calls are up 200% over last year.

Please be smart and if you have bed bugs or think you have bed bugs ask for help. Bed bugs are something that you should not tackle on your own. In fact I have never seen it done, I know it has happened, but I have personally never seen it. When choosing a  professional, they should be able to answer every question you have about bed bugs or find someone else. They should have a clear plan and be very specific.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!