Moving....on up!

NOBODY likes to move - especially in the middle of summer. But at Thorn we are excited to be going to a new space. We are growing and need some room to spread out. And we decided to open a retail space while we're at it. There are plenty of do it yourself projects - you don't always want to hire someone. That goes for lawn care and some pest control jobs, too. Our concept is to offer to the public the same products we use and great professional advice to go with them. You've been to the big box stores. There are hundreds of items to choose from. How do you know what to pick for your situation? The guy in the apron will try to be helpful but he doesn't know what we know. So now you can come to us and we will help you! And if you find that it's more than you can or want to take on, we are still here to take care of those pest and lawn services for you. Either way, Thorn is here for you!

Look for our grand opening coming soon on State Street in Pleasant Grove. We hope to see you here!