Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you may have other questions, so feel free to ask any of our office staff or our technicians while they are at your home.

Residential FAQ

Q. Is the pesticide safe?

A. The pesticides we use are the best in the industry. They have all been approved for use in residences, commercial offices, restaurants, hospitals and even supermarkets. More important then what we use is how we use the products we have. We always read and follow the product labels so you and your family are kept safe. We do have a full organic line of products if you prefer.

Q. Should I leave the house while its being treated?

A. The pesticides we use for general pest control will not harm you or your family if you are in the home while we are treating. It is even ok if you are a pregnant. The only thing we ask is that you, your children and your pets do not come in contact with the insecticide while it is wet. If you do, do not panic. Just rinse items or areas of contact immediately with plenty of water or a slight irritation may occur.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract for a full year?

A. No. You may simply do a single service without signing a contract. Everyone has different needs. We will do an incredibly detailed service, but over time the products will break down. We do recommend continually maintaining your protection because it is much more effective.

Q. Are all pest control companies' services the same?

A. Not even close. Companies may use different products, mix rates, equipment, and application methods. Many companies simply spray the baseboards and hope that the insects cross that small band. We attack pests where they live and enter the home. We get deep into wall voids to create a long lasting more effective protection. There is not one company in Utah with the same treatment methods and equipment.

Q. I heard that if you spray for bugs all the bugs die and the spiders take over. Is this true?

A. No. It is actually the opposite. To eliminate spiders we must eliminate other insects. Spiders eat insects and if you take away their food source, then they will find another place to live.

Q. Will your treatment stain my carpet or walls?

A. No. The residuals we use will not stain or discolor your carpet or walls.

Q. What should I do to prepare for a general pest control service?

A. Not much. We ask that you pick up any pet food and water that is left out. We also ask that you just tidy up and pick things off the floor. You do not need to rearrange furniture, but if the home is picked up, we can provide the best service.

Q. What if it rains after you fertilize?

A. For a fertilizer to work, it needs to be watered into the lawn. So if it rains the day we fertilize, it will in fact speed the fertilization process. The weed control is rain-fast in 4 hours, so if it rains right after we treat for weeds, call us so that we can return and retreat those weeds free of charge when the weather is better.

Q. Should I mow right after my lawn is fertilized?

A. Wait until after watering the lawn before you mow. This allows the fertilizer to be watered into the lawn and begin working.

Commercial FAQ

Q. Are you AIB Certified?

A. If you are asking this you are probably a food processing facility. There is no AIB certification but there is an AIB course to prove that you are competent and understand AIB standards. Yes we have completed this course and are very familiar with AIB standards.

Q. Do you have proactive bed bug services?

A. Yes we do. We have our bed bug detection canine for proactive searches to sniff out small infestations and we also have our innovative proactive DE treatments to prevent bed bugs from infesting. Yes we can actually stop a bed bug infestation from starting. Ask us about these innovative services.

Q. Do you run background checks on all your employees?

A. Yes we do. We also perform drug testing prior to hiring and at random. We take your safety very seriously. Feel good with a Thorn Professional in your place of business.

Q. Do you practice IPM?

A. Yes we do proactive Integrated Pest Management. We like to call it Intelligent Pest Management. We select the right treatment method and also correct the reasons for the insect activity.

Q. Are your services green?

A. Yes. We take great care in providing the best service with the least toxic product. We place products where insects harbor and enter and do not just run the baseboards hoping the insect comes into contact with it. A lot of our products are organic but if require a complete organic service just let us know.

Q. Do you work off hours to accomodate businesses?

A. Yes we do. We want to service when it is most convenient for your business.

Q. Do you provide business with an onsite logbook?

A. Yes, we provide a logbook for all monthly or more frequent accounts that includes contact info, licenses, contract, insurance, pest sighting logs, service logs, product labels, and a few other items. If you are not a monthly or more frequent account but require an onsite logbook just let us know and we can accommodate.