Things to Note: Our bed bug services our top in the nation. We have designed proactive bed bug treatments to stop bed bugs when they are introduced by a guest to the lodging.


Hotels and motels are facilities that are very susceptible to pest and rodent problems because of the large number of guest and staff that come and go each day.  Pests can be brought in by the staff and the guest and left to be managed after their departure.  The steady rise in bedbug treatments in hotels and motels is a great example of these types of problems.  Both the guest rooms and the common areas must be properly protected.

Thorn Advantages

Thorn has a clear understanding of how to conduct an effective pest management program for hotels and motels.

Exceptional Value - Superior Service at an affordable price

Clear Communication - Hand held computers and on site Service Books allow us to have clear communication and the hotel to know exactly what is being done to protect the hotel and guests.

Guaranteed Results - Unlimited call backs for insect or rodent activity.

Top Bed Bug Solutions - Thorn is the leader in bed bug solutions with our expertise, bed bug detection K9, and Heat Treatments.

Preventive Bed Bug Solutions - We can stop bed bugs from coming into your lodging with our innovative preventive treatments.

Service Frequency & Routine

Due to the complexity of hotel and motels, inspection and service will be conducted at least once a month. Hotels and motels have the following areas that need to be serviced:

  • Main Lobby- Monthly
  • Front Desk- Monthly
  • Breakfast Area/Kitchen- Monthly
  • Vending Machine Areas- Monthly
  • Coffee Bar- Monthly
  • Employee Break rooms- Monthly
  • Multiple Janitor’s closet/slop sink- Monthly
  • Maid Supply Rooms- Monthly
  • Trash Areas-Monthly
  • Exterior Rodent Stations- Monthly
  • Insect Light Traps (if applicable)- Monthly
  • Offices- EOM
  • Exercise Rooms- EOM
  • Pool Area- EOM
  • Meeting Rooms- EOM 
  • Laundry Room- EOM
  • Storage Areas- EOM
  • Mechanical Rooms-EOM
  • Maintenance Areas- EOM
  • Restrooms- EOM
  • Basement (if applicable)-EOM
  • Drop ceiling ( if applicable)- EOM
  • Exterior- Quarterly
  • Floor Drains(if applicable)- Quarterly