Put Life Back In Your Soil

It is time we rethink traditional chemical lawn care. There is a better and safer way to have a beautiful lawn. We put healthy bacteria, fungi, nematodes and more into the soil. They build soil structure, allow water and air into the soil, provide food for your lawn, and protect it against disease and pests.

Keep your Lawn Happy

Our Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care & Maintenance

  • Fertilization & Aeration for natural growth
  • Weed & Insect Control to keep it safe
  • Over-Seeding to ensure it’s healthy
  • Top Dressing with Compost for rich nutrition

Healthy Tree & Shrub Care

  • Fertilization + Organic Matter + Micro Nutrients
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Insect Control
  • PreEmergent Weed Control

Organics, synthetics, liquids, and granulars. We have included everything to design the most well rounded and healthy fertilization program in Utah. You will have a dark green and healthy lawn guaranteed.

Take care of your lawn

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Organic Lawn Care Wins.

With Organic Lawn Care lawn pests like grubs, billbugs, and sod webworms are rarely an issue. One more advantage to organic lawn care. These pests are attracted to the unnatural growth caused by synthetic fertilizers and can cause serious damage to the appearance and integrity of a lawn. If lawn pests do become an issue, we attack them with nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic organisms that seek out and destroy harmful insects like grubs. They begin working in as little as 24 hours. Only under extreme circumstances do we consider chemical control.

We make it easy

Lawn Care Advantages

Even Feeding

Our fertilizers are quick acting and long lasting to keep your lawn nutrient levels even and available throughout the year.

Customized & Consistent

Consistent checking evaluating and adding the appropriate nutrients to keep the lawn and garden from famine of proper nutrients.

PreEmergent Weed Control

We use a liquid applications of pre emergent for a more even and thorough coverage.

Best of Both Worlds

We use both organics and synthetics to help soil and plant health and also offer quick green up and beautiful dark green lawns. Your lawn is more healthy and able to withstand drought and disease better.


The lawn is not just given nitrogen. It is given everything it needs like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and other micronutrients that are lacking from many fertilizer programs and critical for optimal plant health.

Healthy Soil means a Healthy Lawn

We don’t just feed the plant like other programs, but we also feed the soil which in turns means deeper roots, less watering, and a more healthy lawn.

We want every customer to be a happy customer which is why we offer our Quality Trusted Guarantee™