Things to Note: Audit ready custom sanitation reports and on site service books make communication and audits much easier.


Restaurants are facilities that are always at risk to pest and rodent issues. Shipments of food and supplies are received almost daily. The product could be infested or even the trailers in which it is delivered in might be infested from a prior shipment. Restaurants have raw product and finished product which can be very expensive and must be properly protected.

Thorn Advantages

Thorn has a clear understanding of how to conduct an effective pest management program for a restaurant.

Better Documentation - Custom sanitation reports that are audit ready and AIB compliant.

Quality Pro - Thorn has received the Quality Pro distinguishment from the National Pest Management Association for excellence in pest management.

Integrated Pest Management - We use integrated pest management which means we do more than kill pests, we also help you keep them out.

Unrivaled Expertise - All of our professionals are thoroughly trained and tested to give you the best service possible.

Security - All Thorn Pest Specialists are screened and randomly drug tested, so you can have complete confidence in our Specialists.

Clear Communication - Hand held computers and on site Service Books allow us to have clear communication and together stop pests before they start.

Regulatory Knowledge - Our Pest Specialists are well versed in audit standards from AIB, BRC, SQF, HACCP protocols, as well as GMP’s.

110% Money Back Guarantee - Try Thorn Pest Solutions for 90 days. If your not satisfied we will refund all paid services, plus 10%.

Service Frequency & Routine

Due to the complexity of food service facilities, inspection and service will be conducted at least once a month. Food service facilities have the following areas that need to be serviced:

  • Main Kitchen- Monthly
  • Prep Area- Monthly
  • Dishwasher Area- Monthly
  • Janitor’s closet/slop sink- Monthly
  • Bar- Monthly
  • Compactor/Trash Room-Monthly
  • Waitress Stations- Monthly
  • Insect Light Traps- Monthly
  • Interior Rodent Stations- Monthly
  • Exterior Rodent Stations- Monthly or EOM
  • Dining area- EOM
  • Break room/Locker room (if applicable)-EOM
  • Food Storage- EOM
  • Basement (if applicable)-EOM
  • Offices- EOM
  • Drop ceiling- EOM
  • Stored Product Pest Monitor- EOM
  • Exterior- Quarterly
  • Floor Drains- Quarterly