About Us

Our Mission

To provide unsurpassed quality service to obtain 110% customer and team member satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and love.

We love what we do

This business is built out of the love of what we do.

Seriously what could be better? We get to help people. We get to protect businesses. We get to be scientists, entomologists, investigators, ecologists, and problem solvers. Solving pest issues challenges us, forces us to think, and pushes us to learn and grow. We love what we do.

We believe in continued learning and education

Because we love what we do, we want to be good at it.

We want to be experts in our field. The way to do this is through continued education and learning. We study and research, a lot. We must know pest identification, biology, best pest management practices, pest management products, and food safety. The more we know the better we can serve our clients, so we take our continued learning and education seriously.

We believe pest management is a science

Pest management is much more that an application business.

Pest management is being able to recognize a pest issue or potential pest issues, asses the situation, understand why the infestation exists, and know the best solutions to solve the pest issue short term and long term. Understanding that pest management is a science means we take a different approach and get results faster.

We believe in clear communication

We want every client to have a clear understanding of what is happening on their property.

You shouldn’t have to guess or wonder what is being done and what is happening. Are issues being resolved? How do you know? We want all of our communication and documentation to tell you exactly how things are going. If you were dealing with german cockroaches we want you to see that there were 104 cockroaches, then there were 21, then 6, and now there are 0. No guessing.

Be a Thorn in your pests' side.