Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Utah

One treatment and your nightmare is over.

When performed correctly, heat treatments are very effective at eliminating bed bugs and their eggs.

A focused approach to bed bug removal

Heat Treatments

Get to know heat treatments

A heat treatment is a process where we bring heaters into infested areas and raise the temperature to 135 degrees ferenheit and let that heat penetrate all the furniture and items in the area. Bed bugs and their eggs die in under one minute at 121.7 degrees.

Get rid of your bed bugs, fast.

Heat treatments have many advantages:

  • Effective- Usually 1 treatment for complete eradication
  • Less Chemical Exposure
  • No throwing things away
  • Very little preparation
  • Eradicated in 1 day vs a month or more
  • Long warranty

The Heat Treatment Process:

  1. Move furniture and belongings away from walls and off the ground
  2. Remove wall outlets and blow dust inside the wall
  3. Place chemical barrier along baseboards, furniture, and likely bed bug harborages
  4. Turn on heaters and heat the infested space
  5. Measure temps and rotate furniture and belongings
  6. Ensure everything reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit
  7. Replace wall outlets and remove heat equipment


Thorn’s bed bug heat treatments come with a long warranty so you know the bed bug issue has been resolved.

  • Single family homes receive a 1 year warranty.
  • Hotels, Apartments, and other commercial properties receive a 6 month warranty.


We are here to help you solve your bed bug problem.

  • Find heat sensitive items (We give you a list to help)
  • Don’t self treat before we arrive
  • Don’t remove items from the infested spaces unless they are being disposed of
  • Don’t take bed bugs with you when you leave
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We measure the temperatures

Bed Bug heat treatment service in Salt Lake City, Utah

During a heat treatment it is critical to measure temperatures to make sure everything gets hot inside and out. If everything gets hot, all the bed bugs are dead. We use state of the art thermal imaging cameras that help us see exactly how hot things are and if we have cold spots.

Wireless temperature probes

Heat treatments for bed bugs in Utah

We also utilize wireless temperature probes throughout the space to give us real time temperature read outs. These wireless probes help us ensure a thorough heat. They also help us now exactly how the heat is going while we are outside the heated space.

Fans to move the air

Bed bug heat treatment fan in a home in Salt Lake City

We utilize high powered fans to move the heated air around the space. We want the fans to push heat into the entire space and all the items which helps heat the penetrate thoroughly.

We rotate items in the space

Bed bug professional checking temperatures during a heat treatment in Salt Lake City

During the heat treatment we enter the heated space and rotate and move items to ensure heat penetrates everything. The more we can rotate and move items the better the heat will soak into everything and ensure lethal temperatures are reached.

Eradicate your bed bug problems.