Hospitality & Hotel Pest Control Services in Utah

Pests ruin a guest's experience and can tarnish your reputation.

That’s why we take a proactive and scientific approach to pest management in hotels and lodging.

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Keep your guests happy and comfortable

With Thorn’s proactive pest control for the hospitality industry, you can make sure that your guest’s rooms are and remain pest free. From bed bug inspections and removal to regular pest control monitoring services, we’ll keep your hotel full of happy guests instead of pesky pests.

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Prevention is key

Proactively prevent pest infestations. Don’t wait for a complaint or a bad review.

We do this by proactively inspecting, finding pest issues, and eliminating them before they become a widespread infestation.

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Know exactly what is happening on your property.

You don’t have to simply hope that things are going well, we can show you with detailed reporting. We track everything so you don’t have to.

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Thorn is one of the leading bed bug experts in the nation. We have services to help the hospitality industry manage bed bugs including: bed bug dogs specially trained for inspections, bed bug heat treatments, and bed bug prevention programs. Take preventative measures and don’t wait for the next bed bug infestation to strike. 

Bed Bug Prevention

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Bed bugs are a constant threat to hotels. They can be brought in by a guest at any time but we can actively prevent infestations. Long lasting non-chemical dusts can be applied in likely bed bug harborages and make the environment hostile to bed bugs. Be proactive and protect your hotel’s reputation with bed bug preventive treatments.

Pest Inspections

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It’s important to identify pest issues early so we can eradicate them before a guest sees them. Nothing ruins a guests experience faster than finding pests in their room. We are here to help protect your reputation and the guests’ experience.

Protect your property, protect your reputation, and give your guests a great experience.

Our proactive services save you hassle and money over reactive programs.

We are here to help.

Guests demand pest free accommodations. Nothing can ruin a guest’s experience faster than a pest infestation. A guest is likely to share this poor experience with family, friends, and through online reviews. We can help prevent and eliminate pests quickly.

Our Pest Prevention Programs

We create a custom program for each property that includes:

  • Detailed inspections
  • Preventive bed bug treatments
  • Clear and detailed reporting
  • Proactive vs reactive approach
  • Automatic tracking and follow-up
  • Kind & Helpful pest experts
  • Happier guests


We provide training to you and your team about common pests in the hospitality industry. We can cover:

  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice
  • How to handle guest complaints
  • Avoiding litigation
  • Best practices for pest management in hotels and lodgings


Pricing varies widely for lodgings. It is difficult to give blanket pricing, but certain things will drive the price up or down. Some of these factors are:

  • Size of the property
  • Pest issues and past history of pest issues
  • Condition and building type
  • Frequency of services
  • We have hotels with $85 a month services to hotels with $600 a month services.


Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Call, Email, or send an online request
  2. A Thorn specialist will perform an on-site assessment and design a custom plan for your specific business and situation.
  3. You decide if Thorn is a good fit for your business. No pressure. We are here to help if you need and answer any questions you may have. Choosing the right pest management company is an important decision.

What is pest control for hotels?

Common hotel pests include bed bugs, mice, cockroaches, ants, and other pests native to Utah. Guests will not tolerate pests, so having a well-thought-out proactive pest control program is needed. 

Inspection, monitoring, exclusion, and prevention are the most common solutions for hospitality pest control. Contact us today for a consultation with our pest control experts.

Why is pest control so important in the hospitality industry?

Guests who notice insects or other signs of infestation will be the first to leave a negative review. Proactive inspections and preventative treatments for pest control are some of the most important steps to take when you’re vying for a 5-star review.

What pest management strategies are suitable to eliminate hotel pests?

The Thorn pest control experts are able to make recommendations based on your hotel’s needs during the audit and consultation process. We rely on a variety of solutions when it comes to managing the types of pests found in hotels. Commercial pest control most commonly includes: 


Let's be inhospitable to your pests.