School Building Pest Control in Utah

Students spend hours a day at school and deserve a safe place to study and learn.

Pests threaten the the safety and health of students. Mice, cockroaches, and stinging pests must be eliminated and that’s why we take a proactive and scientific approach to pest management in schools.


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Learn what it's like to be pest free.

With our comprehensive approach to pest control, we’ll show you a better way to get rid of those pesky pests and keep them away.

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Prevention is Key

Proactively prevent pest infestations and protect student’s health.

We do this by proactively inspecting, finding pest vulnerable areas, finding pest issues, and eliminating them before they become widespread.  You don’t want to wait for problems in schools.

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Safe Methods

Safety is key when working around children.

In schools we want to rely heavily on non-chemical control methods like exclusion, sanitation, and fixing storage practices. Green pest control services do not mean no pest control services, in fact green programs generally require more frequent visits by pest professionals so we can keep a close eye on things.

Protect your students, teachers, and schools.

Our school pest services are effective and focused on non-chemical control methods.

We're here to help.

Schools have received a lot of pressure to adopt IPM programs, but IPM is often not well understood. IPM does not mean less pest control services, but instead means that the pest management approach will adopt short and long term strategies and utilize non-chemical controls that get long term results as part of the solution. We can help schools create effective IPM programs.

HERE's how we can help with your school's pest control

Stinging Insect Control

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According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, more than two million Americans are allergic to stinging insects, more than 500,000 enter hospital emergency rooms every year suffering from insect stings, and between 40-150 people a year die as a result of these stings. We want to keep your students safe by eliminating and preventing stinging insects like wasps and hornets.

Expert Pest Inspections

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Schools need constant vigilance to keep pests out. This means constant inspections looking for pest activity as well as conducive conditions and pest entry points. Finding and eliminating pest conducive conditions as well as finding and eliminating pest entry points are both critical in a long term successful IPM Program.

Our School IPM Programs

We create effective programs that include:

  • Detailed inspections
  • Clear and detailed reporting
  • Proactive vs reactive approach
  • Focus on non-chemical control methods
  • Protecting the health of teachers and students
  • Eliminating the distractions of pests in the classroom

Getting started is easy.

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Call, Email, or send an online request
  2. A Thorn specialist will perform an on-site assessment and design a custom plan for your specific business and situation.
  3. You decide if Thorn is a good fit for your school. No pressure. We are here to help if you need and answer any questions you may have. Choosing the right pest management company is an important decision.

Best the best in your district.