Pests: Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter Ants

Where They Live

Wall Voids, attics, wood piles, and tree stumps.

About the Pest:

Carpenter ants enter buildings looking for food and a hospitable home. They are called “carpenters” because they hollow out wood to create their nests. They generally start colonies in wood that has been damaged by water or other insects.

Carpenter ants are primarily nocturnal and rely heavily upon physical cues chemical trails, and possibly smell to locate food. They may feed on over ripe fruit, dead or live insects, household sweets, meats and eggs.

Carpenter ant control is often frustrating. It is one of the more difficult ants to control.

How to Control:

A combination of reducing conducive conditions like wood piles near the home and heavy vegetation around the home, excluding the ants, locating nests, using liquid non-repellent insecticides, dusts, and baits should effectively manage carpenter ants.

Locating nests is a difficult task sometimes, but is the most effective solution for carpenter ant control. If the nest cannot be located baits may be used several days before an insecticides treatment. Dusts should be injected into wall voids through electrical outlets, plumbing openings, and or by drilling holes. Non-repellent residual liquid insecticides are effective as perimeter treatments and along foraging trails.