Thorn's Best Friend

Meet Radar, our newest weapon against bed bugs! We used to rely solely on visual inspections that took hours and were often unsuccessful in finding the bugs that lay hidden in cracks and crevices or inside mattresses. With Radar, we can sniff out 98% of low-level infestations.

Instead of relying on his eyes like other pest control technicians, Radar uses his nose. This means that he can detect live bed bugs and viable eggs whether they are visible or not. Radar’s bed bug detection capabilities are important because bed bugs are cryptic and hide in very small and often unpredictable places.

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Radar’s Background
Radar was trained at J & K Academy and has been working for several years as a bed bug detection canine. J & K Academy is the most well-recognized training facility for bed bug detection canines. In 2008, they assisted the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, with a research study on how effective canines are in detecting the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. The dogs proved themselves with an accuracy of 97.5% in detecting live bed bugs and viable eggs. That is incredible! J & K Academy is the only bed bug detection canine training facility with academically-recognized and published results.

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Bed Bug Detection Canine Research

Radar makes it easy

How Radar Beats Bed Bugs

  • An average room takes Radar about 2-3 mintues
  • He is over 97% accurate
  • Can find bed bugs where we can not see them
  • Can detect low-level infestations
  • Only detects live bed bugs and viable eggs
  • Another tool to locate difficult to find infestations