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Thorn Pest Solutions offers a number of different pest control services and inspection services for businesses and residences in Utah.

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What starts as a single pest can easily grow into a stinky, unhealthy, annoying problem. They’re horrible to look at and miserable to be around. But that’s only the start, and the solution isn’t always straightforward.

Pest control in Utah can be a complex problem, and so it’s important to pick a team with the experience and technology to tackle it. Thorn stands above other pest control companies with its investigative approach and targeted plans. Technology provides innovative ways to keep critters out, and detailed expertise into environmental science can do it in the most effective, safe ways possible.

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One moment there’s none, and the next, there’s hundreds marching along baseboards, up cabinets and into the pantry. That neat little line can lead to a colony of thousands, and all it takes is a simple spill to attract them.

Although ants don’t eat wood like termites do, they can still damage walls by hollowing out wood to create tunnels.

Spraying baseboards isn’t enough to get rid of them, and killing ants yourself can actually draw more in. Ignoring them can cause more than a nuisance. Eliminating ants starts with identifying which species is inside a home, and then using expertise to find the best solution to eliminate them.

Bed bugs are a pest right out of a nightmare. They’re miniscule experts at hiding and will emerge at night to feed on blood while you sleep. It’s hard to know they’re there until they bite, and then you’re left with painful bites that could even require medical care.

These bugs can hide in a bed (as indicated by their name), behind picture frames and even in mattress seams. Once there, it’s extremely hard to eliminate them. Even one female left behind can repopulate the colony.

Pest control companies know how to uncover bed bugs’ favorite hiding places. An expert will conduct an investigation, and some specialists even use trained dogs to track down bugs. With a thorough prevention plan from Thorn Pest Solutions in place, you can quickly sleep safely again.

Bats are amazing, graceful creatures that provide an essential role in the ecosystem. But when they get into an attic, fly up a chimney or hide in a closet, it becomes a problem.

Most bats are harmless. However, some can carry rabies, which means it’s safest to get an expert involved. A professional can also walk you through the environmental protections bats have and what that means for removing them from a home.

It’s never just one cockroach.

These creepy crawlies scurry across rooms the second a light turns on. They like to hide behind baseboards, underneath appliances or inside drains.

Cockroaches carry diseases like foodborne illnesses and leprosy. Some even fly. They often are already gone by the time you reach for spray, which doesn’t really work, anyway. Notoriously hard to kill, it’s a reason people quip that they’ll outlive humans.

Make eradicating cockroaches as safe and effective as possible by calling Thorn Pest Solutions for a consultation today.

That might not be your phone buzzing - it could be flies!

They’re stinky, they’re annoying and they seemingly appear out of nowhere. All it takes is an open window to attract a swarm that then breeds in the garbage and grows to maturity within days. Eliminating them all can be a monumental task when hundreds are descending overnight.

Flies are attracted to feces, rotting food and garbage. They also spread diseases like dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever.

Great-grandma’s wedding dress shouldn’t become a moth’s next snack.

Unlike the moths seen flying around light fixtures at night, clothing moths nibble on clothing, rugs, animal hides and wool. They’ll tag along with an infected item into a home before making it their new pantry. Moths can also hatch from eggs hidden inside food.

Keep an eye out for unexpected holes in clothing or crusty deposits left on items. Holes in plastic bags are another clue moths have infested a home.

That scratching, shuffling noise coming from the walls isn’t always innocent. Rodents target a home once they’re attracted by food, and then end up chewing through walls, floors and cables. They also spread multiple diseases.

Rodents can create up to 75 droppings a day and leave greasy stains along the bottom of walls. But while they may never be spotted at night, there are ways to track their movements.

Modern technology from pest control companies can track which paths rodents are taking and learn their patterns. From there, abatement is about analyzing those patterns and placing trapping devices in optimum places.

Yes, spiders can benefit a space. And while they’re handy at managing pest control on their own, they can also be venomous - which is not something you want to have to determine after you’ve been bit.

Spiders are critical to our world's ecosystem but can be scary and unwelcome guests in your home or business. Thorn can help owners find lasting pest management solutions. Call us today for help ridding your home of spiders and additional pests!

Termites are more than a nuisance. If left unchecked, they can quickly eat through walls and damage a house.

Each colony can have up to a million termites. Winged ones can fly out of the nest, mate and then return to eat through wood.

The first step is an inspection report to determine if a home has termites. If it appears termites are present, an inspector will then determine where they have built a nest, and what they are eating. This will include searching basements, crawl spaces and a building’s foundation.

The best-case scenario with a wasp sting is that it will be painful, but not cause any long term damage. But if you have an allergy, a wasp infestation can quickly turn into a life-or-death situation.

Wasps feel threatened when someone tries to clear out their home. They’ll likely try to sting you, so the safest option is calling in an expert who knows how to get rid of them. At Thorn Pest Solutions we’ll do it right, then walk you through strategies to prevent more from moving in.

The World Health Organization estimates that mosquito-carried illnesses kill more than 750,000 people each year.

These pests suck on blood from both pets and humans. Mosquitoes congregate and leave their eggs near standing water, turning stagnant pools, broken fountains and even a bucket of water into a breeding ground.

Preventative measures are crucial not only to avoid annoying buzzing, but for protecting the health of your family and pets from dangerous disease-carrying mosquito bites.

Skunks, raccoons and squirrels destroy belongings, drag in other pests and spread diseases.

Birds, bears and deer are beautiful - but only when they’re outside your home. But as humans have moved into habitats, large fauna have gotten better at adapting to neighborhoods.

It’s important to identify which animals in an area may get into your home so that you can find the best ways to keep them out. This can be as simple as securing your trash.

Animals are going to wander through yards, but with some guidance, you can make sure they don’t settle in.

Each creature has its own challenges when it comes to control and safety - for both humans and critters. Racoons are nimble and flexible enough to fit in chimneys, attics and other places that they can squeeze into. For squirrels, it’s about tracking down a nest that can be hidden in any tight space.

Pest control in Utah will identify the threats to your home and prevent critters from doing further damage.

Whether it’s silverfish, centipedes or beetles, insects are generally not welcome in your pantries, crawling across your floors or hiding inside of walls. With all pests, before proper removal and control methods can begin, it is important to identify where they are, how they got in and why they are staying.

These answers aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye. That’s why Thorn Pest Solutions is here to help with individualized solutions to keep you pest free!

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Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

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We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

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    Rich was incredible! He was very thorough and made sure our concerns were addressed and our problem solved! He was also super kind and professional, we are so very grateful for him!!! Definitely recommend
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    Great job!
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    Nathan, is always helpful and answers my questions. He is polite and he see things that I didnt to help get ride of spiders and keep them gone.
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    Bayron was awesome ! He was a hard worker, and did a thorough job. We have been customers of Thorn for many years, and would highly recommend them. Great customer service!
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    Bayron was such a help. Very professional and thorough in his explanation of what he was doing on our outdoor treatment.
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    Everything was great! It was quick and efficient, Jake got area's I had forgotten to tell him about. He was polite and courteous. I can't say thank you enough.
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    Rich was prompt, knowledgeable, and effectively dealt with our pest issue. He explained the process thoroughly and provided valuable tips for prevention.
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    Jay came and sprayed my home. He was professional and knowledgeable. He even stayed behind to make sure my garage door closed completely before he left and then text me to tell me. He's calmed my fears and did a great job.
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    My technician did a very thorough inspection and remediation. Which Rich is the best and it’s worth every dollar I paid.
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    Thorn has been a great company to work with!
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    Trevor did a fantastic job, excited to see him come back out!
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    Came right on time got the job done quick. Ash was super informative reassuring about the kids in the home with the bait they use and talked us through the process and what to expect after. Really nice guy!
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    Every experience we’ve had has been positive; Dave is friendly, polite, professional and attentive; Thorn sends the same techs for the quarterly visits so it feels a bit more personal; super responsive about getting extra help out if we need more service between the scheduled visits
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    Our tech Dave is awesome and always checks in to see if we need anything! Great customer service and quick response.
  • Lisa Wade
    I love Thorn pest control! We have had their year-round service for over 10 years. Bridger came today and was friendly, professional, and respectful of our privacy. We had seen a bug in our bedroom so he made sure to take care of that space as well as the entire interior of the house and garage. I recommend Thorn to anyone who wants to live pest-free. Their year-round service is very worthwhile.
  • Josie Platts
    Thorn is a great price for excellent service and professional service experts. Roy was professional and personable. Great with our pets. He was thorough and fast. We are very grateful for his excellent service.
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    We have used Thorn for years and have always been pleased with the quality of the product and service. We highly recommend using them if you are dealing with any insects or pests. They are the best!
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    Taylor C came out and was so freakin' awesome!! He went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and was very friendly.
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    Great service from Bayron! Thank you!
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    We have used Thorn for years. Great prices, great service, great techs!!
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