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Living with pests can be unhealthy and stressful. We want to protect your health and comfort by protecting you against pests. Below are helpful links to learn more about how to prevent pests and how Thorn can help.

We’re truly pest scientists at work for our clients

We handle some of the largest and most difficult pest issues in Utah. We can help you, too.

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Thorn Pest Solutions Certified professionals to protect your business

Quality Pro

Backed by QP

Thorn Pest Solutions is QualityPro accredited. It has earned the mark of excellence in pest management. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the US have earned this prestigious designation.


Proud NPMA members

We are proud members of the National Pest Management Association. We love our industry and are involved in making it even better.

Food Safety Certified

Food Safety Certified

We are 1 of less than 100 companies in the world that proved we meet the industry standard for food processing. To qualify, every employee working in food plants had to pass a stringent test specifically regarding food safety and its industry standards.

Schools Certified

QualityPro School Certified

We are 1 of less than 200 companies offering QualityPro Schools certified services. Every Thorn professional working on school grounds has passed a comprehensive exam to verify individual knowledge of integrated pest management in a school environment


Multiple ACEs on staff

Thorn employees multiple Associate Certified Entomologists to help train, provide consultations, identify pests, and design our science-based pest control services.

Entomological Society of America

Entomologists at heart

We love entomology and our work. Many of our team members are also members of the Entomological Society of America.

Thorn Pest Solutions What makes Thorn unique?

Our Team

What’s the first thing that makes Thorn unique? Our Team. We only hire people that care about others and have a strong desire to provide top tier services. We look for and assume the best in others. We are passionate and positive.

We Care

We are engaged and passionate about the work we do. We are the protectors of Utah. We care about our clients and strive to deliver a great experience with every service. We go above and beyond for our clients and find ways to be helpful.


We do what we say we will do and we show up when we say we will show up. We are transparent with our reporting and services. We want you to feel confident in your pest prevention program and that you are working with the very best pest management company.

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Thorn Pest Services

Driven by science.
Led by service.

Proper pest management starts with a detailed inspection and assessment from an expert pest professional before treatment. Thorn Pest Solutions uses a three-step process rooted in science to eliminate pests with long-term results.

Assess Situation

First, we identify the root problem(s) with a site assessment. Pests are almost always an indicator of an environmental condition. This will determine the best actions to provide short and your long-term results against pests.

Execute Action Plan

Next, we develop a plan to fix the problems we discovered. This includes solving current pest issues, eliminating conducive conditions, and monitoring for future pest activity. Good pest management starts with a good plan.

Track Success

Lastly, we implement the solutions we developed including inspection, monitoring, and preventing future pest infestations. Good pest control requires a good offense and not just defense. Prevention is key.

Thorn Pest Solutions


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Quality Pro
Food Safety Certified
Schools Certified
Entomological Society of America
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