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Moth Control Services in Utah

Moths can destroy clothes, rugs, animal hides, and even food. Not to mention they are super annoying and embarrassing. No matter what type of moth you are dealing with, we have solutions to monitor and eliminate your problems.


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Moth damage on a piece of heirloom fabric.
Moths Cause Damage to Heirlooms

Fabric pests leave a wake of irreversible damage to artifacts and heirlooms.

Moth larvae destroy cashews and other food products.
Moths Damage Food Products

Indian meal moths damage food products at home, food plants, and warehouses.

A cozy sweater with a large moth larvae crawling on it.
Your Reputation Is On The Line

Fabric and food pest moths can damage your reputation as a business owner.

Thorn Pest Solutions has the Utah moth control experts to take care of moths causing food damage in your business.
Moth Infestations Can Be Hidden

It is absolutely crucial to find the source of a moth infestation in order to gain control.

Thorn Pest Solutions Scientific approach to moth control

Protect your heirlooms and your food products.

Thorn professionals are experts at controlling moths.

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What Type of Moth Are You Dealing With?

There are many different types of pest moths. Each type has a specific food source and control strategy that needs to be implemented. Most pest moths in Utah fall into two categories: stored product (eat pantry foods), or clothing moths (eat clothing and other things made from natural materials).

Moth Exterminators in Utah

Moths can be annoying and even embarrassing to find in your home or business. What’s worse, they can be very destructive to food and fabrics. Working with moth exterminators in Utah can help protect your family heirlooms, food storage, and anything else in your home or business vulnerable to moths.

The first step in Utah moth control plans is to identify the moth or “pest” infestation you’re dealing with. Most moths in Utah fall under one of two categories: stored product pests, or fabric pests. We’ll thoroughly inspect your home or business to identify the type of moth and their food sources before coming up with a plan to eliminate them long–term.

Stored Product Pest

Stored product pests can ruin food and damage your reputation. Correct identification is critical in order to know what treatment and next steps will look like. Knowing the correct identification will also help us find the food source for the pest. Thorough inspections will help clarify where the problem areas are and how large an infestation might be. Like the Indian Meal Moth pictured here, stored product pest control can include pheromone traps in order to gain control of the population.

Fabric Pest

Fabric pests are common in museums, but can also be found in homes. A proactive inspection and vigorous monitoring is the most important aspects for control of fabric pests. Thorn professionals are well trained, keen observers who know how to correctly identify fabric pests. We will discuss options for treatment program to find the best solutions for you and your situation. Fabric pests are common in museums, but can also be found in homes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treatments for a moth infestation can vary based on the type of moth species you have, and where it’s located in or around your home. Effective treatment starts with an inspection from a pest control specialist at Thorn. Our highly-trained teams can identify the type of moth, and match it back to the right solution for mediation.

Our highly-trained moth specialists start with an inspection, and from there make recommendations based on the species. We will locate and eliminate food sources, use pheromone lures, or use mating disruption techniques to get rid of moths.

Pricing for our moth extermination services can vary, but typically costs $350 to $500. Thorn offers a Homeguard program for $32 per month that provides ongoing protection against pantry months. If you need help with a moth infestation, contact us for pricing today.

You can repel moths by removing their food sources or treating their targets with pesticides. Ultimately, the best solution can vary based on the species of moth. Our team of experts can help you identify the best repellent based on the type of moth you’re harboring in your home.

Moths may fly in and out on their own, but the types of moths that are brought in on food or clothing are typically the most likely to breed and establish a home indoors. The tendency of a moth to stay indoors depends on the species. Clothing moths or Indian meal moths are two types of moths to monitor for in your homes, pantries, and closets.

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