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Commercial Pest Control Services

On top of being unpleasant and memorable in the worst way, pests can pose health and safety risks if left unchecked. If you own or manage a commercial space, you know there’s no quicker way to drive away customers and ensure they don’t return than having pests running amok.

Click below to learn about the dangers pests can pose to apartments and businesses, as well as, the services that Thorn provides in Utah.

Nothing is worse than apartment pests - commercial services provided by Thorn in Utah.

Thorn Pest Control Services in Utah Utah Services Include:

From bed bugs to mice, apartment buildings can unfortunately become the home of more tenants than you bargained for.

Because every tenant is free to follow their chosen lifestyle, it can be difficult to get pest infestations under control once they’ve begun or even to prevent them from ever beginning. Every tenant has their own cleanliness standards and everyday habits. Simple acts like leaving food containers open or propping open an exterior door can lead to large problems for tenants and apartment managers alike.

To avoid tenant complaints, negative reviews, high turnover and more, get commercial pest control services from Thorn. At Thorn, pest control professionals take a scientific and proactive approach

Government buildings often serve as the face of the city. Pest issues in government buildings reflect poorly on the organizations operating there and can harm morale of government employees and constituents. Furthermore, most government entities do not enjoy a surplus in employees or resources, meaning endlessly pursuing and attempting to eliminate pest infestations wastes government time and resources.

Instead of attempting inefficient DIY methods, bring in the professional, expert team at Thorn. With thorough checks and audits, Thorn ensures a solution to pest infestations in government buildings.

Struggling with pest infestations in food processing facilities is not only frustrating and costly, but dangerous.

From being forced to throw away products due to uncertainty around contact with rat droppings to searching for food safe options for extermination, food processing facilities face unique challenges. Protect the reputation of your company and the health of your consumers by bringing in the experienced and reliable pest control team at Thorn.

Manufacturing facilities rely on smooth processes and an efficient workforce to function as intended.

Unfortunately, pest infestations of any type can throw a wrench in these well-oiled procedures. To maintain safe working conditions for employees and prevent structural damage, machinery malfunction, and product contamination, it is crucial that manufacturing facilities utilize trusted commercial pest control to eliminate any infestation.

Whether you’re battling birds, insects or rodents, the entomologists and certified professionals at Thorn are ready to provide QualityPro-backed services to get you back up and running.

Don’t leave the safety of your students and staff up to chance. On top of the obvious health and safety risks pests can pose, pest presence in schools often leads to disrupted learning time. Quick and thorough elimination is crucial.

Thorn services are QualityPro Schools certified, meaning every Thorn professional has passed a thorough exam to ensure a deep understanding of pest management in a school environment.

Few things are more dangerous to a restaurant’s reputation than pests. From rats to ants, restaurants naturally draw pests thanks to the abundance of food and food-related waste.

Even the cleanest of facilities and most meticulous of staff will likely encounter pests within their restaurant sooner or later. Protect your reputation and stay ahead of the pests with proactive services from Thorn.

Employee satisfaction and everyday productivity can see serious negative impacts due to pest infestations. Rodents, roaches and other insects can easily derail a work day and leave a poor impression on potential clients and partners.

Working with Thorn allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that set you apart, instead of worrying about pests in your office space. As proud members of the National Pest Management Association, Thorn is experienced and thorough in every pest control service.

Pests can cause irreversible damage to inventory, stocking tools and physical structures. Protect your warehouse and the products within it by bringing in the trusted professionals at Thorn for commercial pest control services.

Hotels provide the important service of housing travelers from all over the world, but there is an undeniable risk associated with this industry. Because many people are hopping from one hotel to another, cleanliness issues and pest presence from any guest’s previous hotel can carry over to the next.

Bed bugs are unfortunately common in the hospitality industry, even in the cleanest and best-kept hotels. With regular pest control monitoring services and bed bug inspections, Thorn can help protect your reputation and keep your guests happy.

In the healthcare industry, cleanliness is a top priority. The presence of pests in medical facilities can put the lives of vulnerable patients at risk and have dire consequences.

There is no room to leave pest control up to chance in the healthcare world. Keep your shining reputation and protect the health of your patients and staff with the proactive, science-driven services from Thorn.

No one wants to encounter pests in the same place they buy their groceries. Furthermore, pest infestations in large spaces like supermarkets can quickly spiral out of control. Pests like rodents and ants can easily permeate food containers and ruin shelves’ worth of product. Protect your business and your customers by leveraging the preventative and thorough commercial pest control services of Thorn.

Other Commercial Services

Regardless of the nature of your business, dealing with pests can lead to significant setbacks and frustrations. Stay a step ahead with the proactive, scientific approach from Thorn Pest Solutions in Utah.

With regular monitoring and procedures created by entomologists, Thorn can help you maintain a positive reputation and keep your employees and clients happy. Contact us and schedule your commercial pest control services today!

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Thorn Pest Solutions is QualityPro accredited. It has earned the mark of excellence in pest management. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the US have earned this prestigious designation.


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We are proud members of the National Pest Management Association. We love our industry and are involved in making it even better.

Food Safety Certified

Food Safety Certified

We are 1 of less than 100 companies in the world that proved we meet the industry standard for food processing. To qualify, every employee working in food plants had to pass a stringent test specifically regarding food safety and its industry standards.

Schools Certified

QualityPro School Certified

We are 1 of less than 200 companies offering QualityPro Schools certified services. Every Thorn professional working on school grounds has passed a comprehensive exam to verify individual knowledge of integrated pest management in a school environment


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Thorn employees multiple Associate Certified Entomologists to help train, provide consultations, identify pests, and design our science-based pest control services.

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We love entomology and our work. Many of our team members are also members of the Entomological Society of America.

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Pest Control Services

Thorn handles a wide variety of urban pest issues. Choose a featured service below or see all our Utah commercial pest control services to learn more.

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Control

Pest control companies know how to uncover bed bugs’ favorite hiding places. An expert will conduct an investigation, and some specialists even use trained dogs to track down bugs. With a thorough Utah bed bug control plan from Thorn, you can quickly sleep safely again.

Bird Control
Bird Control
When birds become a pest, you need an experienced guide to help you create a solution that will actually work. Thorn is one of the most experienced Utah bird control companies, and we can help design the right strategy for you.
Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control
Cockroaches carry diseases like foodborne illnesses and leprosy. Some even fly. They often are already gone by the time you reach for spray, which doesn’t really work, anyway. Make Utah cockroach control as safe and effective as possible by calling Thorn for a consultation today.
Rodent Control
Rodent Control
Modern technology from pest control companies like Thorn can track which paths rodents are taking and learn thier patterns. From there, Utah rodent control is about analyzing those patterns and placing trapping devices in optimum places.
Staff Training
Staff Training
Understanding potential pests in your business in Utah is important to know how to manage complaints and get control. Thorn can provide training on any urban pest and for any industry. If your team could use some more training and knowledge, we are here to help.
Exclusion Services
Exclusion Services
Keeping pests out of a structure is a much better strategy than trying to eliminate them once they have gotten inside. Exclusion pest control in Utah is more effective, longer lasting, more cost-effective, and doesn't require pesticides. Thorn can help identify pest entry points and in most cases, we can seal them up so that pests can't get in.
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  • Dale Poulson
    Trevor did an admirable ant thorough job in finding and eliminating potential pest and insect infestation points. He had a pleasant personality and was very informative. I would highly recommend him and Thorn Pest Solutions for your home needs.
  • Alan
    David came out today to spray for spiders. He was pleasant and professional and took his time doing it right. Fantastic job, very impressed.
  • Karena Jackson
    Very responsive and helpful
  • Jade Ortiz
    Great service. Through & professional. On time. Easy scheduling.
  • Kortnee Grigg
    Quick response time and knowledgeable staff thank you! Will contact again for pest needs
  • Becky Melville
    Great company! I would highly recommend!
  • kevin jewkes
    I've been using Thorn since last fall after several other 'flashy' pest control companies have let me down (others have lied and simply not performed the service). Thorn has been the opposite of that experience. Every person I've worked with has been kind, thorough, and at a very reasonable price. I've noticed less bug activity than with any of the others I've tried. Today David to the service, and was great to work with. I highly recommend Thorn.
  • Alisha Kvamme
    We’ve been with this company for 10+ years and highly recommend them to anyone! They are so kind and aiming to always go the extra mile to make sure you get taken care of and they are affordable!!
  • John-Paul Andersen
    These guys are awesome. Great price for a great service. Using the homeguard, they took care of my spider and mouse problem fast and effectively. Highly recommended!
  • Josie Platts
    Thorn is a great price for excellent service and professional service experts.
  • Lisa Smith
    We’ve had thornpest control spray for our bugs, insects and hornets for years! We’ve had the same technician for many of those years and we are very happy with the work they’ve done for us. They are very professional and on time!
  • Andrea Pace
    Easy to schedule, dependable, good service!
  • Anon Ib
    Don is so helpful and friendly he always comes to do a spray anytime I need it and he's always been extremely knowledgeable
  • Stuart Hamilton
    The technician that was here this morning was extremely thorough and patient. Very much appreciated
  • Anne P Inouye
    Very friendly and helpful! Came right away and answered all my questions!
  • Kirsten Gregersen
    Great experience, technicians were on time, friendly and professional. Will use their services again.
  • Philip Wheatley
    Great service. Very knowledgeable technician. Answered all our questions. Highly recommend.
  • Wendy Roberts
    We have been fighting Elm tree seed beatles for a few summers they are nasty little pest and they will infest. They get everywhere into everything. Thorn came right out and took care of us just like they said they would. I have every confidence that they will continue to stand by their services and provide nessecary services as promised
  • Madi Kershaw
    Thorn Pest Control is great! They are super professional and helpful.
  • Kelly K
    Highly recommend to everyone. Been using them for years! Super thorough, and the first time we used them in a house that hadn’t been sprayed in years they came back for free to respray when a few bugs managed to get by. None ever did since then!
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