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The NPMA estimates that termites cause $5 billion worth of damage annually.


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Termite services with Thorn.
Food Source

Termites need the cellulose in wood as a food source, which is what makes them such a destructive pest.

Thorn offers termite control in Utah in hard to find places.
Hidden Damage

Damage causes by termites is rarely obvious.

Termite control in Utah.
Termites Are Cryptic

Termites can create extensive damage before they are ever noticed.

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Termite Exterminators in Utah

The damage caused by termites is rarely obvious but can be devastating. Termite exterminators in Utah require an inspector to audit both the inside and outside of a building, a building’s foundations and basements or crawl spaces looking for termite activity. It’s best to have a termite inspection every few years, or right away if people in your community have reported termite problems.

The next step in Utah termite control is determining the best treatment. Termite management and treatment is not one size fits all. We will use liquid treatment, baiting treatment or a combination of both based on the situation.

Good termite treatments start with a good inspection.

We need to identify areas with activity, potential causes, and assess the best treatment strategies for the specific structure.

Thorn Pest Solutions Liquid vs Baiting Termite Treatments

Liquid Pros and Cons:
Pest control experts


  • When applied correctly, they work really well to keep termites out
  • Long lasting with many lasting up to 5 years
  • Apply once and done


  • Labor intensive
  • Can require damage to some landscaping right around the structure
  • Requires a lot of pesticides be placed around the structure
  • Does not address termites in the surrounding area, just those that try to enter the structure
Baiting Pros and Cons:
Pest control experts


  • Less labor intensive
  • Less pesticides
  • Can address and eliminate colonies of termites in surrounding areas
  • Does not require trenching around the structure


  • Requires constant monitoring $$$
  • Is not quite as fool proof as liquids in eliminating and preventing termites
  • Slower to eliminate issues

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Mud tunnels made by termites.
Mud Tunnels

Mud tunnels are a good identifier that termites are still active at the site.

Thorn helps with termite control in Utah by assessing termite attractants.
Termite Attractants

Wood piles, wet wood, thick wood mulch, or branches touching your home can all be attractants for termites.

Thorn has recommended treatments for you.
Recommended Treatment

We will provide you insight about the amount of damage and give you recommendations for treatment.

Termite services with Thorn.
Catered To You

Thorn will recommend treatments that are catered to you and your situation.

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"Thorn is the company I have called when I need a job to get done right. Many pest control companies I have used haven’t exhibited the same expertise and knowledge that Thorn has. It’s great to have a company that I know can take care of anything that might arise."

Frank S. – Director of Housing – University of Utah

"We love Bayron! He does such a great job every time and explains things when I have questions. All the professionals who come are super friendly and helpful and they do their job. I tend to have questions and Bayron is helpful and knowledgeable."

Lisa B.

"Peace of mind is a great thing to have when thinking about your pest control company. We know things will be taken care of, and audits don’t really scare us because Thorn Pest Solutions has taken the burden off of us. We know we are audit-ready at any time and we know any pests that show up won’t be around for long."

Tricia C. – Nature’s Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

Though many have attempted DIY remedies for controlling termites, it’s always best to consult with an expert. Termites aren’t always visible, and the extent of the damage they’ve caused is rarely obvious. A true pest control specialist will be able to provide the insight you need to scale the damage, and make recommendations for mediation.

Treatment recommendations for termites depend on the structure and situation. There may not be a one-size-fits all treatment, but a quality liquid termiticide treatment applied correctly could be effective. Properly installed termite bait systems are also potential solutions for mitigating an infestation.

The pest control experts at Thorn can make recommendations for your home during your inspection and consultation.

Thorn pricing for termite control can vary depending on the type of structure and the extent of the infestation. Treating the foundation and interior walls of the average home may run between $1,000 to $3,000. If you need to have your home audited, the experts at Thorn are ready to help. Contact us for pricing today.

Wood sources, especially wet wood sources, are commonly the cause for termite infestations. If you have a chopped or decaying wood pile near your home, tree branches draping across your roof or siding, or thick wood mulch against your home’s foundation, you may accidentally be inviting termites to the party. Gutters and downspouts clogged with branches and leaves can even draw termites towards the home.

Additionally, termites are also drawn to nest in foam insulation, so if you find them beneath your siding, they may be burrowing towards the wood of your exterior walls. Our termite control experts can help you identify problem areas during a termite inspection.

Termites can be difficult to control.
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We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

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