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Rodent Control & Removal in Utah

Rodents deposit 25-75 droppings a day as well as thousands of micro droplets of urine. They are harmful to our health and can damage a businesses reputation. Rodents contaminate food and they scare tenants and guests. Luckily we are here to help eliminate these pests.


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Thorn Pest Solutions - rodent control in Utah.
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Thorn can help with Utah deer mouse control.
Deer Mouse

Deer mice have a brown body and a white belly with a furry tail. They are overall slightly larger than the house mouse. They will nest outdoors, but in cooler weather can be found indoors.

Thorn can help with Utah rodent control.
House Mouse

House mice are brown-gray in color with lighter colored bellies. They have large ears and a hairless tail. When nesting indoors they can be found in protected areas like dark corners or behind appliances that produce heat.

Thorn can help with Utah Norway rat control.
Norway Rat

Norway rats are typically gray-brown in color, but can range from gray-reddish brown. They are about 16 inches long from their head to tail. They can be found in ground burrows, low-growing vegetation, rock piles, or under concrete slabs.

Thorn Pest Solutions - rodent exterminator in Utah. Electronic Rodent Monitoring

We take a scientific approach to rodent control.

Using ERM technology Thorn will help you remove rodents for good.

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It's All About The Right Spot

Rodent control is all about keen observation, understanding rodent biology and placing devices in the right spot. Traps places just a few feet or inches from the right spot is the difference between success and failure.

Rodent Exterminators in Utah

Mice and rats can cause extensive damage to your home, carry and spread diseases and parasites, and even trigger allergy or asthma attacks. If you have a rodent infestation, you want to get rid of it fast. The most important step in Utah rodent control is determining if you have mice or rats, because they require different treatments. If you’re hearing noises in your walls, you’ll also need to rule out other potential pests such as birds, yellowjackets, or other wildlife.

Once you’ve determined you are dealing with rats or mice, rodent exterminators in Utah will help eliminate them from your home with methods such as trapping, sealing up entry points, cleaning up areas, habitat modification and more. We’ll then continue to monitor the area to make sure rodents have been eliminated and guide you so you can prevent rodents from coming back into your home or business.

Rodent Inspection by Thorn

1. Thorough inspection

2. Perform a shadows, undisturbed areas, and corners inventory

3. Assess the situation

4. Place devices in the right spots to get control quickly

5. Follow-up and assess to make sure awe are getting the desired results

Thorn Pest Solutions Benefits of Using Thorn For Your Rodent Control

Signs you may need a professional:
Rodent control experts in Utah.
  • Rodent sightings
  • Rodent droppings
  • Food with chew marks
  • Urine
  • Sebum marks (body oil)
  • Gnaw marks
  • Rodent hair

All of these are signs you may have a rodent issue. Thorn professionals are trained to observe these signs and take action. We can create a plan to rid your home or business of these pests.

Why choose to hire an expert?
Rodent exterminator experts in Utah.

Protect Your Reputation: Your stature in the community is at stake when rodents take over. Protect your reputation and image by using an expert pest control company like Thorn.

Comfortable and Safe With Less Complaints: Rodents make people feel dirty, uneasy, and on edge. Their opinion matters; one bad review can ruin your reputation and turn away business. Keep employees, guests, tenants, and students comfortable and safe.

Get the results you want
Utah rodent control experts.

Thorn will provide detailed monitoring and documentation to show you are getting results. You deserve to know how the action plan is going. Our reports are a great way to do just that.

Electronic Rodent Monitoring
Utah rodent exterminator experts.

Electronic rodent monitors are sensors that can be placed inside of rodent management devices. These sensors detect rodent activity and communicate with us remotely, therefore, letting us know immediately when a mouse enters your facility and into one of the traps.

Monitors like these ERMs not only tell us if pests are present, they also tell us if treatments are working, where we are having issues, how severe a problem is and they also show us trends of pest activity.

Benefits of ERMs:
Rodent control experts in Utah.
  • Quick Response Time
  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Easily See Trends
  • More Time to Inspect

ERMs allow us to monitor your facility around the clock, not just during scheduled services. This allows our professionals to spend more time inspecting your facility for conducive conditions and preventing issues instead of just checking traps.

Watch us utilize this new technology here.

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Thorn monitoring for rodents in Utah.

It’s important to proactively monitor for rodents. Thorn used bar codes and the latest technology to track rodent activity. We also provide you with clear documentation, so you know exactly what is going on. Thorn reacts quickly to stop new infestations.

Mice can be cute - but unwanted mice in your home or business must go with Utah mouse control.

A detailed inspection is critical for successful control of rodents. Rodents are attracted to shadows, warmth, smells, and tight spaces that offer protection from predators. We need to identify these conditions that attract rodent activity. The better the inspection, the better the results.

Thorn identifying rodent entry points and sealing them as part of their Utah exterminator services.

Exclusion is one of the best control strategies for rodents. Identifying entry points and sealing them up to stop mice and rats from getting inside. Thorn professionals have tools and techniques to find out if a gap is large enough for a rodent to crawl through. A rat can fit through a 1/2″ gap and a mouse can fit through a 1/4" gap.

Thorn trapping as part of their Utah rodent control process.

Rodent control isn’t just setting out a few traps and hoping you will catch them; “hope” is not a great strategy. Every day each mouse is depositing about 75 droppings and thousands of micro droplets of urine which will attract other mice. By assessing the situation and understand biology we can place traps I the right spots for quick control.

Thorn Pest Solutions


"Thorn is the company I have called when I need a job to get done right. Many pest control companies I have used haven’t exhibited the same expertise and knowledge that Thorn has. It’s great to have a company that I know can take care of anything that might arise."

Frank S. – Director of Housing – University of Utah

"We love Bayron! He does such a great job every time and explains things when I have questions. All the professionals who come are super friendly and helpful and they do their job. I tend to have questions and Bayron is helpful and knowledgeable."

Lisa B.

"Peace of mind is a great thing to have when thinking about your pest control company. We know things will be taken care of, and audits don’t really scare us because Thorn Pest Solutions has taken the burden off of us. We know we are audit-ready at any time and we know any pests that show up won’t be around for long."

Tricia C. – Nature’s Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our inspection and assessment. We are observational biologists and see things other’s overlook.
  • Based on understanding the biology of rodents. Thorn does not simply place devices and pray we get results.
  • Thorn will monitor so you see exactly how treatments are working.
  • We track everything for you, so you don’t have to.
  • Our professionals inspect surrounding areas to make sure we solve the entire problem.
  • No excuses. We solve your rodent problems even when they are difficult and require different solutions.
  • Proactive approach.

Pest control experts use several methods to control rodent populations and infestations around commercial buildings and homes. The most common approaches include sanitation, habitat modification, exclusion, and trapping. Inspections and ongoing monitoring are helpful means of controlling populations and mitigating issues with mice and rats.

Thorn pricing starts at $307 for residential mice control. Monthly programs are also available for ongoing monitoring, with prices starting at $32.

The house mouse is arguably the most successful mammal on the planet and their numbers continue to grow every year. The house mouse is extremely common and problematic in Utah impacting thousands of Utahns every year. House mice contaminate food, spread pathogens, and create allergens in the air. You should not tolerate mice in your home or business.

Rodents around the world carry many diseases which affect humans. They’re also carriers of mites, ticks, and fleas which can affect a household. Sealing entryways, eliminating food sources, and trapping are the most common solutions for managing a small rodent infestation, but it’s often easy for mice and rats to return if the methods used are not thoroughly adhered, or the infestation is severe.

The highly experienced specialists at Thorn not only understand how to control rodent infestations at residences and commercial facilities, but they also understand the biology of the pests and can make proactive recommendations to keep them away. Contact us for pricing today.

The easiest way to deter rodents is to avoid baiting them. Create an environment that is not attractive to mice and rats. Avoid having accessible food sources. Keep dumpsters away from buildings.

Remove thick vegetation next to structures, and avoid storing things against the building. To prevent them from accessing a structure, make sure the building is well-sealed and actively maintained.

Smells, warmth, food, and predator protection all drive rodents into our man made structures including our homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, and work places. These rodents have adapted to living with humans. We create the perfect environments for them.

Rodents can be difficult to control.
Thorn can help.

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Thorn Pest Solutions

How Thorn Can Help

Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

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    Rich was incredible! He was very thorough and made sure our concerns were addressed and our problem solved! He was also super kind and professional, we are so very grateful for him!!! Definitely recommend
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    Great job!
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    Nathan, is always helpful and answers my questions. He is polite and he see things that I didnt to help get ride of spiders and keep them gone.
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    Bayron was awesome ! He was a hard worker, and did a thorough job. We have been customers of Thorn for many years, and would highly recommend them. Great customer service!
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    Bayron was such a help. Very professional and thorough in his explanation of what he was doing on our outdoor treatment.
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    Everything was great! It was quick and efficient, Jake got area's I had forgotten to tell him about. He was polite and courteous. I can't say thank you enough.
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    Rich was prompt, knowledgeable, and effectively dealt with our pest issue. He explained the process thoroughly and provided valuable tips for prevention.
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    Jay came and sprayed my home. He was professional and knowledgeable. He even stayed behind to make sure my garage door closed completely before he left and then text me to tell me. He's calmed my fears and did a great job.
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    My technician did a very thorough inspection and remediation. Which Rich is the best and it’s worth every dollar I paid.
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    Thorn has been a great company to work with!
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    Trevor did a fantastic job, excited to see him come back out!
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    Came right on time got the job done quick. Ash was super informative reassuring about the kids in the home with the bait they use and talked us through the process and what to expect after. Really nice guy!
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    Every experience we’ve had has been positive; Dave is friendly, polite, professional and attentive; Thorn sends the same techs for the quarterly visits so it feels a bit more personal; super responsive about getting extra help out if we need more service between the scheduled visits
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    Our tech Dave is awesome and always checks in to see if we need anything! Great customer service and quick response.
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    I love Thorn pest control! We have had their year-round service for over 10 years. Bridger came today and was friendly, professional, and respectful of our privacy. We had seen a bug in our bedroom so he made sure to take care of that space as well as the entire interior of the house and garage. I recommend Thorn to anyone who wants to live pest-free. Their year-round service is very worthwhile.
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    Thorn is a great price for excellent service and professional service experts. Roy was professional and personable. Great with our pets. He was thorough and fast. We are very grateful for his excellent service.
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