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Healthcare Building Pest Control in Utah

Medical facilities should be clean environments. Pests threaten that clean environment and that’s why we take scientific and proactive approach to pest management in medical facilities.


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Medical facilities are at high risk for pest infestation and they have complex environments that can make solving pest issues difficult. You cannot risk your reputation and the health of your patients by having poor pest control services. You need pest management experts. You need scientists.

Thorn Pest Solutions A focused approach to pest control in the healthcare industry

Prevention is key.

Proactively prevent pest infestations and protect patients from nosocomial disease.

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Healthcare Pest Control in Utah

Keep pests out of your workplace with Thorn’s proactive pest control for healthcare facilities. We do this by proactively inspecting, finding pest vulnerable areas, discovering pest issues, and eliminating threats of infestation before they become widespread. Don’t wait for issues to arise in a medical facility, contact Thorn for your healthcare pest control in Utah.

Safe Methods

Safety is key when working around patients.In medical facilities we want to rely heavily on non-chemical control methods like exclusion, sanitation, and fixing storage practices. Green pest control services do not mean no pest control services, in fact green programs generally require more frequent visits by pest professionals so we can keep a close eye on things.

Thorn Pest Solutions A Focused Approach to Healthcare Pest Control

Ant Control
Ants crawling on the floor, use Thorn Pest Solutions today.

Ants are a common issue in medical facilities. Our pest professionals are highly trained in ant behavior and biology so we can get straight to solving your ant issues. Simply “spraying” ants often leads to poor results with the ants showing up somewhere else. We need to eliminate the colony and Thorn professionals can do that through inspection, ant identification, locating colonies, finding conducive conditions, exclusion, and baiting.

Rodent Control
Know exactly how to improve you healthcare buildings with Thorn.

Mice are cryptic and constantly trying to make their way into medical facilities. This is a problem as house mice are known to carry over 55 different microbial pathogens including Salmonella, E Coli, Clostridium difficile, Shigella, Leptospiria spp., Toxoplasma gondii (protozoan) at a very high frequency. Our rodent experts can help keep these pests out.

Bird Control
Use experts at Thorn for healthcare pest control in Utah.

Birds are often attracted to medical facilities, but birds cannot be tolerated as they bring with them several issues including droppings, unclean appearance, and secondary pest issues like mites and swallow bugs. We are experts in bird exclusion and can help permanently and humanely keep birds off of your facility.

Bed Bug Prevention & Control
Thorn is the Utah healthcare pest control experts you need.

Bed bugs can be a nightmare and they are always a threat to be brought into a facility. Medical facilities should have a strong bed bug prevention program in place. We are here to help consult, design, and implement a rock solid prevention program.

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How Thorn Can Help

Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

Thorn pest control services in Utah. Hear From Our Customers

  • Mindi Petrie
    Ash did a thorough job taking care of our house to prevent pests.
  • Mary Moore
    Bayron with Thorn is wonderful! He is so kind and friendly does a wonderful job!
  • Josie Platts
    Thorn is a great price for excellent service and professional service experts. Bayron was professional and personable. Great with our pets. He was thorough and fast. We are very grateful for his excellent service.
  • Thomas Dehaan (UDC)
    We have been using Thorn pest control for a while for treatment of; mice, spiders, and cockroaches, inside of our buildings and have recently added treatment for Voles/gophers and mosquitos on the outside.Thorn always sends out a very professional technician who takes a personal accountability to ensure that the job is done right and who addresses any issues we are facing.
  • Charlie Keasler
    Herman was very thorough and listened to our issues.
  • Kathy Headlee
    Kevin was thorough and very helpful. He addressed all my pest concerns with solutions and I’m very pleased with the service I receive from Thorn Pest Solutions!
  • Jenny Gomez
    great service!!! explained everything !!! dave was very helpful
  • Naomi Nessen
    They've been serving us for approximately 3 years. Excellent job everytime. The workers are always willing to go above,and beyond. This time it was Josh, but this is his 4th time here and he is as professional and helpful as you could ever hope for. Thanks again Josh!
  • Kimberly Mixon
    I have been using Thorn Pest Solutions for many years and have always been satisfied with the service and technicians. My most recent tech, Roy, did a fantastic job and went above and beyond the usual great service I'm used to receiving.
  • Samuel Lund
    Was professional, thorough, and informative about the bugs. Thanks!
  • Trisha Noorda
    Mike was very professional and friendly.
  • Audrey
    Jared was amazing! On time and very thorough with his examination.
  • Indraneel Sarkar
    Roy was very thorough with the cleaning and treatment needed for pest control. He respected our request to wear booties inside the house and made sure to cover every room, windows, edges and openings.
  • Teresa Carter
    I have used this company for many many years first when it was known as spider spray. They have always been professional, honest and are very kind. They spray seasonal and mainly for spiders, earwigs, and other creepy, crawly things. They guarantee their service and Have come back out and resprayed, after 10 days, the area's in which I was still seeing some creepy crawling activity.
  • Andrea Bishop
    Our favorite all time tech of Thorn Spray is Bayron!! He is extremely polite, courteous, friendly and does an amazing job. He is extremely thorough and we never have any problems after he’s sprayed. Highly recommend Thorn Spray … they are great.
  • Jill Gibbons
    Dave from Thorn was great. He was super thorough. Most of the time when I get pest control service, they are in and out in 10 minutes. Dave spent the time to knock down cobwebs on the outside of my house. He was here spraying for 45 minutes. Definitely recommend.
  • Ellen Townsend
    Bayron is a delight. He is polite and respectful of our home. He does his work with efficiency and thoroughness. Garage and yard are included.
  • Lindsay White
    Trevor was our tech this time, so helpful and accommodating. I really appreciated it. Wore boot covers in our house, made sure gates and garage doors closed after using them.
  • andrea woods
    When I called I got great service, and when the technician came out he was very polite and thorough.
  • Teresa
    Roy does an outstanding job on our home. He is very thorough and is a kind person. We tell our friends and family to try Thorn!
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