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Stay protected from pests with Thorn’s science-based approach and industry-leading pest services.

Pest control inspection services in Salt Lake City

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Dealing with pests is stressful, uncomfortable, unhealthy, and you shouldn’t have to deal with that. Thorn provides expert pest control services to provide you protection from harmful pests.

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Keep your home pest-free.

Thorn Pest Solutions can quickly solve your pest problems. Enjoy a comfortable and pest-free home.

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Protect your business from pests.

Get detailed services from an expert pest professional to protect your products and reputation.

Pests ruin your quality of life.

Whether you are a manager or a homeowner, stop letting pests cause un-needed stress and hassle. Pests create unclean environments and you shouldn’t have to live or work with them.

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Pests Are Unhealthy

Pests spread and amplify unhealthy pathogens like salmonella, E. coli 0157:H7 and campylobacter.

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Pests Contaminate Food

Pests like flies, cockroaches, and rodents can contaminate food.

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Pests Cause Stress

Dealing with pests is downright stressful. Fear of insects is one of the most common fears that humans have.

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Pests Damage Structures

Pests like termites damage your largest asset, your home.

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Protect your quality of life with expert pest control.


Imagine your life free of pests. You would have less stress, less hassle, more time, and a cleaner environment. You could focus on more important things like your work, family, and friends.

We are committed to your success.

All of our services are designed by our scientists, entomologists, and urban rodentologists. It sounds nerdy, because it is. And it works.

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Better Results

You deserve the very best service for you money. We deliver world class services by having the most knowledgeable and friendly professionals, using the very best materials, and providing the best client care.

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Healthier Environments

We believe that health is one of the most precious things we have in life. We want to help by eliminating and preventing pests, making the environment where you work or live more healthy.

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Less Stress & Worry

Pests make many people uncomfortable and cause more stress. We have enough stress in our lives already. Let us make your life a little bit easier with quality pest control.

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Here to Help

We’re always just a phone call away. We are in business because we want to help you. We love our clients and are honored to get to serve them every day.

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Experts in our field

We love what we do and have worked hard to be at the top of our game. Our pest professionals go through hundreds of hours of training to become a Thorn pest professional. We take our job seriously.

Pest control inspection services in Salt Lake City

Assessment-based services

We are more than pest control applicators. Every home and property is different and requires a unique strategy to get the very best results. Every service we perform starts with an assessment to decide what is the best strategy to prevent pests. During the assessment we try to answer questions like: What areas are conducive to pests? What could attract pests? Where are pest entry points? and  What strategies will be best for this situation?

Client Testimonials

Thorn prides itself on being among the best commercial pest control providers in Utah.

Nate did an amazing job! He went above and beyond and we are so impressed with the quality of Thorn professionals!

Barbara and John L

Cyrus did an awesome job at my house. He was really thorough and answered all my questions!

Amy K

Bayron is amazing, thorough and very kind! We love him!

Kaylynn C

Garrett has been phenomenal and excellent! I am really happy with the diligence he has expressed while taking care of the cockroaches!

Stephen T

Mitchell was wonderful and very thorough!  You guys are great.  You are doing such a service for us.  I really, really appreciate it!

Pat B

I want to give kudos to Mitchell.  He is so genuinely kind and thorough.  We sure appreciate him!  He was very professional and in the bigger picture he was very kind when he was asked to do specific things.

Lynette B

I was very impressed with Paul.  He did an amazing job, and I wouldn’t have any qualms about having him back any time!

John F

Ryan was really great to work with.  He was really kind and patient.  I always have questions and he answered them all for me.  He was really polite and professional.

Jesse L

Bayron was polite and respectful and did a thorough job!

Jennifer P

Paul is a very, very nice man.  When we have questions, he explains everything to us very well.  I really appreciate that!


Let’s solve your pest problems.