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Learn about the importance of working with a Utah ant control company you can trust.

Finding ants inside your home or in large quantities outside in the yard can be unsettling at best, and alarming at worst. While most people do not consider ants to be terrifying or dangerous, living alongside them comes with its own set of risks. Learn about ant infestations, how to prevent them, and how to get rid of ants and other pests for good with a high-quality ant exterminator like Thorn.


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Why do I have ants?

Ants are one of the most common pests found in Utah. Most ants are harmless and stay outside, but some can find their way indoors. Here are some ways that ants find their way into your home.

Thorn inspecting plants near houses to help with ant extermination in Utah.

Keep bushed shrubs or trees trimmed away from the house they are not touching the structure. Plants touching the home create an easy “bridge” for ants to get inside.

A clean, fresh, kitchen with no food our to help with ant control in Utah.

Ants forage for food indoors and outdoors. Keep ants out by cleaning up all food spills. This includes pet food; ants love pet food. So make sure your garage and porch area are free from spilled food as well.

Thorn Pest Solutions practicing ant exterminators services in a crack and crevices of a fence.

Ants are very small and can squeeze through any cracks and crevices. Sealing up these entrances on the outside of your home can go a long way in keeping ants out. Make sure caulking around windows and utility pipes is still in good shape.

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Correct Identification Drives The Treatment

Correct identification is an important first step when dealing with ant infestations. Every type of ant is unique and has their particular way of surviving.

Types of Ants

Different species of ants behave in their own unique ways, and understanding ant behavior can help to effectively expel them from your home. A few common types of ants that can make their way into households include:

  • Pavement ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Argentine ants

The team at Thorn thoroughly understands the differences and patterns relating to each ant type. This allows for efficient extermination because identifying the type of ant can reveal important details such as how many queens there are, where these ants prefer to nest and the best ant killer to use. Working with an expert ant exterminator in Utah is the next step to ensure your treatment approach is the best strategy for the particular type of ant you are up against.

Here are a couple of tips for getting rid of ants on your own. If these steps don't work, be sure to contact Thorn in Utah!

Risks of Ants in the Home

While ants may be less stressful to encounter in your home than mice or black widows, there are still risks associated with having ants inside your home. Ants bring risks of bites and stings, property damage and attracting other pests.

Contrary to popular belief, all ants are capable of biting. Ant bites do not generally cause serious harm. However, fire ants have stingers that can insert venom into their victims. Fire ant stings are extremely uncomfortable and require proper care and cleaning to prevent infection. These stings can pose a serious threat to individuals who are allergic.

Carpenter ants can cause lasting and expensive property damage. These ants tunnel through the wood inside of walls, door frames, porches and more, causing harm to any wood structures in your home.

Finally, the presence of ants can lead to the presence of other pests. Other pests, such as spiders, feed on ants and may be more likely to enter and stay in your home if they have a steady food source of ants.

Deterring Ants

While there is no foolproof method for keeping ants out of your home, there are a few best practices that can help deter them. Removing all possible food sources is the best way to ensure that ants don’t find a new home in your kitchen. This means wiping down counters and vacuuming up crumbs often. Keeping dirty dishes out of the sink and removing the trash from the kitchen can also help. Utilize tightly locking food storage containers so that ants cannot get into your open food items.

Even the cleanest of homes can experience ant infestations. There is no shame in needing help to rid your home of ants. Acting quickly can help prevent ant communities from establishing themselves in your home.

Regular Pest Control

Expert ant exterminators at Thorn utilize a thorough process for ridding your home of ants. From initial inspection and species identification to creating a customized treatment strategy, these specialists understand every household is different and all infestations will require a unique treatment plan. Through attentive diagnostics, targeted strategies such as baiting, and regularly scheduled follow-ups, Utah ant exterminators at Thorn can rid your home of ants once and for all.

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Benefits of Thorn Pest Solutions's ant control solutions in Utah. Benefits of Our Ant Solutions

Thorn’s Ant Control Process
Ant exterminator experts in Utah.
  1. Inspect the property for trailing ants, possible food sources, colony location, conducive conditions and entry points
  2. Identify the ant species
  3. Assess the situation and create a treatment strategy dependent on the property and ant species. (This is almost never walking around with a canister sprayer and spraying the baseboards. That tends to make things worse and doesn’t give good long term control.)
  4. Perform the work
  5. Ask you to clean up any identified food sources
  6. Follow-up to make sure we are getting the desired results

If you are a business or homeowner needing ant pest control in Utah, the professionals at Thorn Pest Solutions are here to provide a lasting solution to your pest control needs. Learn more about our process for treating ant infestations and call to make an appointment today!

Ant Inspections
Thorn Pest Solutions ant exterminator inspecting under a washer and dryer.

Ant inspection is the most important step in getting good results. During the inspection we identify:

  • Ant species
  • Trailing ants
  • Location of the colony
  • Conducive conditions
  • Entry points
  • Food sources
Ant Baiting
Ant control expert at Thorn Pest Solutions exterminating ants.

Treating an ant colony directly always gets the best results, but when a colony cannot be found or accessed, baiting can be a great option. The ants can then carry the bait back to the colony and share with the other workers and queen through a process called trophallaxis. Spraying the baseboards for ants almost never gets good results.

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Thorn assessing number of ant queens in a swarm.
Number of Queens

Queen ants are fertile, egg producing females. Does the colony have one queen or multiple queens? In some species of ants, the new queens will remain in the nest and contribute to the growth of the parent colony.

Thorn helps with ant control in Utah by assessing colony formation on sidewalks.
Colony Formation

Ants establish colonies in a variety of ways. For some ants the new queen, a group of workers and brood, split off from the colony and migrate to a new site. The most typical way is for winged (alate) ants mate and start a new colony elsewhere.

Thorn assess the number of queens for ant control in Utah.
Nesting Sites

Ants have preferred nesting spots based on the species. Some typical spots for common ants found in Utah can include: moist areas like a leaking pipe, wood, rangeland, lawns, stone, cardboard, bark, wall voids, sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and pastures etc.

Swarm of ants on a half eaten donut.
Preferred Foods

An ant’s diet varies based on the needs of the colony and what foods are available. Ant larvae require a high about of protein when developing. Some common preferred foods of ants include: honeydew from aphids, sweets, proteins, insects, oils, and seeds.

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"Thorn is the company I have called when I need a job to get done right. Many pest control companies I have used haven’t exhibited the same expertise and knowledge that Thorn has. It’s great to have a company that I know can take care of anything that might arise."

Frank S. – Director of Housing – University of Utah

"We love Bayron! He does such a great job every time and explains things when I have questions. All the professionals who come are super friendly and helpful and they do their job. I tend to have questions and Bayron is helpful and knowledgeable."

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"Peace of mind is a great thing to have when thinking about your pest control company. We know things will be taken care of, and audits don’t really scare us because Thorn Pest Solutions has taken the burden off of us. We know we are audit-ready at any time and we know any pests that show up won’t be around for long."

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good pest control program uses multiple control methods. The most common solution for controlling pests native to Utah involves applying liquid pesticides as a barrier at likely pest entry points. The experts at Thorn also use many other tools to control pests including baits, dusts, exclusion, sanitation, habitat modification, vacuuming, web removal, and trapping.

Contact us today for a consultation with one of our pest control experts. We can recommend the best pest control strategy for you after we inspect your property.

When an ant infestation presents, it’s best to consult with the ant control specialists at Thorn. We can advise on methods including spraying and baiting, and prevent a large colony of ants from returning.

Yes, pest control can eliminate ants from inside your home or business. In addition to getting rid of foraging ants, the pest control experts at Thorn can also make recommendations for baiting to mediate colonies through a process called trophallaxis.

It’s not uncommon to see ants outside your home or indoors during certain seasons or seasonal transitions, but our team is always happy to help if you see an unusual or unmanageable change in the number of pests.

You might consider calling Thorn if there’s a significant change in where you are seeing ants indoors or out, a reoccurring colony that seems difficult to rid completely, or if you need recommendations for exclusion. Our ant control specialist can help mitigate the problem before it gets bigger.

When you hire a highly-trained Thorn specialist, they’ll be able to:

  • Identify the species
  • Find entry points
  • Locate the colonies
  • Bait along foraging ant trails,
  • Bait and treat both interior and exterior as necessary
  • Follow-up to make sure that the treatments were effective

Thorn ant control inspections and treatments start at $188. Ongoing pest control programs start at $32 per month. Contact us for an estimate today.

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