Bed Bug Dogs

Bed Bug Dog Inspection in Utah

Our highly trained k-9's seek out those pesky bed bugs.

For over 5 years, we’ve been using highly trained bed bug dogs to get to the bottom of bed bug problems. Bed bugs can be cryptic and difficult to find and our bed bug dogs give us another tools to locate bed bugs.

We are the pest scientists


Bed bugs are cryptic and sometimes difficult to find.

Thorn bed bug dogs are specially trained to sniff out bed bugs in hard to find places. Because they are so helpful in detecting hidden bed bug harborages, our canine teams are an important tool and they also allow us to give our clients the best bed bug inspections possible.

Bed bug canine searching for bed bugs on a bed

What does a bed bug dog inspection look like?

1. The inspector talks to you about what you have been seeing or what is going on.

2. Inspector performs a visual inspection while the bed bug dog waits in it’s crate.

3. After the visual inspection the inspector will bring out the dog and inspect areas where bed bugs were not found in the visual inspection and are likely to have bed bugs.

4. The inspector will put the dog back in the crate and discuss what they found and what are the next next steps including treatment options if live bed bugs were found.


Meet our awesome bed bug dogs


Bed bug canine searching for bed bugs on a couch

Missy, our rat terrier mix, is our smallest dog. She is also a total sweetheart and loves her work. Check out the video above to see Missy doing what she does best!  


Bed bug canine searching for bed bugs on a bed frame

Webster is definitely a workaholic. He is incredibly driven as well as a very vocal dog. We often have to slow him down because he loves working and wants to keep moving!


Bed bug dog with brown and white coloring

Radar was our first dog and worked in the field until he was 15 years old. Now Radar is retired and lives with his handler, Kevin Thorn, ACE.


Close up view of a bed bug dog in the arms of his handler

Buster the beagle joined the Thorn team in 2019. He comes from a great line of hounds and has a great nose. He is also a very handsome boy.

How Thorn bed bug dogs help:

  • Fast – Can sniff out an average room in 2-3 minutes
  • Accurate
  • Sniff out bugs where we cannot see them
  • Detect low-level infestations
  • Only detect live bed bugs and viable eggs
  • An additional tool to locate difficult to find infestations

What makes Thorn’s bed bug dog teams unique?

  • We have been working with our bed bug dogs for over 10 years
  • Our bed bug inspection teams are specialized and only do bed bug inspections
  • After our dogs alert, we also visually inspect the area and confirm the alert
  • We rigorously train and maintain our dogs using live bed bugs
  • We love our dogs

How much does a bed bug detection dog cost?

Thorn offers multiple inspection options. Inspecting a single-family home with a bed bug dog costs $150. Hotel rooms are priced at $15 per room when a team sweeps over 20 rooms at a time. 

Apartment units are priced at $30 per unit when inspecting more than 6 units at a time. Commercial properties are priced at $200 per hour. If you need a bed bug inspection, contact us today for pricing, and to learn how bed bug dogs may help.

Are bed bug dogs accurate?

Research from the University of Florida has shown that trained dogs are up to 97% accurate at detecting bed bugs. Bed bug dogs and their handlers work closely as a team in every situation, and are highly-trained at bed bug detection in both commercial and residential settings. 

Teams at Thorn train together every day to be as thorough as possible in order to make accurate recommendations for bed bug treatment.

How do I prepare for a bed bug dog inspection?

When you hire a bed bug dog as part of a bed bug inspection, try and limit the number of distractions in the home so the dog is most effective at sniffing out the scent of live bed bugs. Remove any pets, pet food, and pet toys. 


Clean any spilled food and vacuum crumbs, because after all, even a highly trained dog is still a dog, and they will still get distracted if there are snacks to eat on the ground. Additionally, do not apply any pesticides to surfaces prior to arrival, because they may harm the dog.


Think you have bed bugs? Schedule an inspection today.