Bed Bug Inspections

Bed Bug Inspection in Utah

A good inspection is critical to have a good treatment.

The first thing we need to do is figure out what is going on. Where do we have bed bugs? How severe is the problem? What will be the most effective treatment methods? Inspections help us answer these questions. 

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First, we need to answer these questions:

  • Is this bed bugs or something else?
  • Where do we have bed bugs?
  • How severe is the infestation?
  • Where did the bed bugs come from?
  • Are there any things that will make treatment difficult?
  • What is the best treatment option for this situation?
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Here's how we answer these questions:

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Visual Bed Bug Inspection

The first thing we do is perform a thorough visual inspection of the space.

Visual inspections performed by a bed bug expert are very effective. These inspections are carried out by trained professionals who see what others overlook. Bed bugs are cryptic and sometimes very difficult to find, but by understanding bed bug biology and having a trained eye we can locate bed bugs with incredible accuracy.

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Bed Bug Dog Inspections

We also have bed bug dogs that come in after our visual bed bug inspection and sniff the space for bed bugs.

The dogs can sniff out bed bugs in places that are very difficult to find visually like wall voids, cracks and crevices. These dogs are another tool to help us find bed bugs. By using visual bed bug inspection combined with our dogs we can get the best results possible.

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Our bed bug experts

Professional checking for bed bugs under a mattress

We have team members that are specialized in just bed bug inspections. That is their only job. By only focusing on bed bugs we have found that they can get much better results.

What next?

Bed bug heater inside a hotel room

After the inspection, we can then begin to assess the situation and discuss with you options and design a plan of action. 

We are not a one size fits all bed bug company.

Different situations require different treatment strategies. Every treatment program has pros and cons and we are here to help you get the best treatment for your situation.

Benefits of Thorn’s Bed Bug Inspections:

  • Peace of mind that you are getting the very best bed bug inspection available.
  • Figure out exactly what is happening so we can design the right plan of action.
  • Highly trained bed bug dogs.
  • Visual confirmation if dog alerts to bed bugs. We will show you a bed bug.

Our Pricing:

  • Single-family homes are generally $150 for an inspection.
  • Single apartments are $100.
  • We can give you custom pricing for any larger inspections.

How much does it cost for a bed bug inspection?

A bed bug inspection from Thorn is priced from $150 per hour for a residential home, to $200 per hour for commercial businesses and hotels. Contact us today to get started, and to learn more about treatment solutions for your space.

How do inspectors check for bed bugs?

Bed bugs are cryptic and can be very difficult to find, but identifying where they live is critical to the treatment. The Thorn bed bug experts know exactly what to look for when they’re conducting an inspection. Visual inspections are most common, and our teams can often spot bed bug harborage using a flashlight. Additionally, we may use monitors and bed bug dogs to locate the pests and measure the severity of the infestation.

Are bed bug inspections accurate?

Visual inspections make it easy for most experts to identify an infestation, but low-level infestations can be more challenging to spot. That said, if an inspection shows that there is one bed bug, there are likely more hiding out of sight. 

The bed bug experts at Thorn are highly trained in how to detect bed bugs, and often bring in extra resources including our bed bug dogs to assess a space and make recommendations to mediate an infestation. We can also help you learn more about the effectiveness of a bed bug heat treatment during the inspection.

How long does a bed bug inspection take?

It can take between five minutes and an hour to inspect a space thoroughly, and it really depends on the situation and the amount of “stuff” in a room. If you’re considering making space to speed up an inspection, avoid relocating furnishings. You won’t want to accidentally transfer living bed bugs to a new room.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.