Bed Bug Treatments

Expert Bed Bug Treatments in Utah

Bed bugs can be a nightmare but we are here to help.

Bed bugs can be difficult to control and every situation is different. That’s why we have multiple treatment methods to eliminate bed bugs fast. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to bed bug control. 

Expert Bed Bug Removal

Pest professional treating for bed bugs underneath a boxspring mattress

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

Thorn provides expert bed bug chemical treatments. Bed bug control can be difficult which is why we are meticulous and thorough to make sure we get direct contact to every bed bug and egg that we possibly can. We also utilize the best materials, rotate materials, and utilize desiccant dusts. Treatments usually consist of 4 treatments and we follow up after the treatments to make sure we achieved complete elimination.

thermal image of a heat sensor in the hands of a Thorn professional

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat treatments are another great treatment method. We use specialized heaters and fans to heat the infected space to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. We then go through the space about every half hour and check temperatures and rotate furniture and items. The treatment area gets very messy from trying to make sure everything reaches the thermal death point of bed bugs 121.7 degrees. Heat usually kills all bed bugs in a single treatment and we follow up to make sure we get results. We also use insecticides and desiccant dusts as part of a heat treatment.

Thorn professional inspecting for pests in a library seating area

Aprehend Biopesticide Bed Bug Treatment

Thorn also utilizes Aprehend Biopesticide treatments for bed bugs when appropriate. This novel treatment utilizes fungal spores that attach to bed bugs and kill them. The treatment is long lasting and effective. We spray 2 inch bands of the product around all furniture, outlets, pictures, and beds. As bed bugs move around they pick up the tiny lethal spores. It is usually performed in conjunction with carefully utilized desiccant dusts. We again follow up to make sure that we achieve elimination.

Get rid of your bed bugs, fast.

Low Prep Approach

Bed bug professional using a heat sensor to check for tempts in a bundle of linens

You shouldn’t have to waste hours and in some cases days, prepping for a bed bug treatment. Research shows that lots of preparation does not improve efficacy of treatments and in some cases can make treatment more difficult. We utilize low to no prep approach to bed bug control.

Long Warranties

Bed bug feeding on a a pest professional

We want you to be confident that your bed bugs have been eliminated. We stand behind our work and offer long bed bug warranties. Warranties are 90 days to 1 year depending on the treatment.

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Bed Bug Follow Up

Thorn professional inspecting for pests in a living room

Bed bug follow up is a critical step in bed bug elimination. We want to inspect and make sure we got complete elimination. Thorn will follow up on all bed bug treatments.

Bed Bug Monitors

Thorn professional treating for bed bugs in a bedroom

Thorn also utilizes bed bug monitors to determine if we have achieved complete elimination. Bed bug monitors have been shown to be up to 90% effective at locating bed bugs when utilized correctly. Learn more by reading our blog post: How To Use Bed Bug Monitors.

Eradicate your bed bug problems.