Expert Pest Management for Your Industry in Utah

Every industry has different requirement and different pest risks. Thorn is highly specialized in providing pest control services in almost all industries including food processing, medical manufacturing,  government buildings, and schools. Choose your industry below to learn more about what we can do for you in your specific industry.


black drawing an apt complex


Tenants want pest-free housing and with multiple people living in the same building pests often become an issue. Thorn can help create proactive pest control programs that prevent pests, make happy tenants, and happy managers.
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Food Processing

Food processing plants have strict guidelines when it comes to pests and pest control. Thorn is here to help and well versed in FDA and GFSI food safety standards. All of our professionals go through rigorous world class training before servicing food plants.
Black drawing of a school house with a flag


Students should have a pest-free and healthy environment where they can learn and grow. Pests should not be tolerated. The focus in schools should be non-chemical control methods which requires pest professionals that are experts like Thorn.
Black drawing of a high rise building


Pests are unhealthy and a distraction to employees. Give your employees a great working environment with Thorn.
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Libraries, airports, city, and state government buildings all need preventive and expert pest prevention programs. Pests are unhealthy and shouldn't be tolerated in government buildings. Thorn can help eliminate and prevent even the most difficult pests.
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Hotels & Hospitality

Nothing ruins a guests experience faster than pests. Protect your reputation and give your guests a great experience with a well designed and implemented pest prevention program with Thorn.
Black drawing of a restaurant


People eating at your restaurant do not want to see pests. On top of that, many pests can contaminate food. Restaurant require a thoughtful and well-designed pest prevention program. Don't let pests ruin a patrons experience and your reputation. Thorn can help.
black drawing of a shopping basket and paper bag

Grocery Stores

With all the food deliveries, pest attractants, people, and places for pests to hide, grocery stores can be a target for many pests especially rodents, flies, cockroaches, and stored product pests. Pests can damage your reputation and damage your food. Stop pests today with Thorn.
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Hospitals and clinics are a place to go and get healed and pests can ruin patients confidence and worse spread harmful pathogens. With these sensitive environments you need expert pest management from an experienced provider who focuses on prevention and non-chemical control methods. Thorn is here to help.
Black drawing of a factory with smoke coming out the top


Whether you are manufacturing electronics, home supplies, medical devices, or anything else pests cannot be tolerated. We want to keep your products safe with expert pest prevention. We work with many clients in the industry and can create even in the most sensitive situations. Your quality control team is going to love us.
Black drawing of a warehouse building with a water tower on top

Warehouse & Logistics

Whether you are storing or transporting products, they need to be kept safe from harmful pests. Thorn can help create a pest prevention program to help keep your products and reputation safe and your operation running smoothly.

True pest professionals

A proven process.
Professional results.

Thorn professionals are experts in commercial pest control and food safety. They know how to perform quality inspections to identify sanitation, structural, and storage deficiencies in your workplace. They know how to identify pest evidence and they understand pest biology. Our trusted Thorn professionals understand these practices and will work to keep your business pest free.

Our Three Step Process:
  1. Inspection
  2. Documentation
  3. Proactive programs
Step 1:
Magnifying glass with a orange eye in the center


Inspection is the most important step to getting good results in pest management.

In commercial pest control, Thorn professionals inspect the workplace for pests and their evidence, pest vulnerable areas, food sources, and pest entry points. We are trained to see the things that others miss. The better we can identify issues, the faster we can attack the problem and have the best chances of success. Thorough inspection is key to getting good results.

Step 2:
Clipboard with a checklist and a pencil


Know what’s happening at your facility or your property.

Detailed documentation is critical for commercial pest control. You should know exactly where you are having active pests, deficiencies that are conducive to pest activity, and if current treatments are working. Don’t just guess and hope things are working. Thorn Pest Solutions makes your commercial pest management a science without any guess work.

Step 3:
Orange outline of a shield with a cross of a wrench and screwdriver across the outline

Proactive programs

Good commercial pest management proactively prevents pests.

We need to be playing offense and not just defense when it comes to pests. Proactive pest management is much more effective than reactive. We need to be looking for and fixing potential problems before they lead to pest infestations. This is where Thorn Pest Solutions excels. Stop waiting for pest infestations and start preventing them.

Be the best in your industry.