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Our scientific approach to pest control offers you better results and clear documentation of what’s wrong, making it easier to do what’s right.

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All of our services our designed by our scientists, entomologists, and urban rodentologists. Science-based services so you get the best results.

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Thorn professionals understand commercial pest control. They know how to perform quality inspections to identify sanitation, structural, and storage deficiencies in your workplace. They know how to identify pest evidence and they understand pest biology. Our trusted Thorn professionals understand these practices and will work to keep your business pest free.

Our Three Step Process:
  1. Inspection
  2. Documentation
  3. Proactive planning
Step 1:
commercial pest control inspection by thorn pest solutions


Inspection is the most important step to getting good results in pest management.

In commercial pest control, Thorn professionals inspect the workplace for pests and their evidence, pest vulnerable areas, food sources, and pest entry points. We are trained to see the things that others miss. The better we can identify issues, the faster we can attack the problem and have the best chances of success. Thorough inspection is key to getting good results.

Step 2:
commercial pest control documentation by thorn pest solutions


Know what’s happening at your facility or your property.

Detailed documentation is critical for commercial pest control. You should know exactly where you are having active pests, deficiencies that are conducive to pest activity, and if current treatments are working. Don’t just guess and hope things are working. Thorn Pest Solutions makes your commercial pest management a science without any guess work.

Step 3:
commercial pest control proactive planning by thorn pest solutions

Proactive planning

Good commercial pest management involves designing proactive programs.

We need to be playing offense and not just defense when it comes to pest. We need to be tracking and fixing potential problems before they lead to pest infestations. This is where Thorn Pest Solutions excels.

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