Pests: Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs

Where They Live

mattresses, box springs, bed frames, ceilings, power outlets, headboards, couches and dressers

About the Pest:

Bed bugs are back and are making the lives of many people a living nightmare. The number of bed bug cases in the United States and Utah is growing at alarming rates.

An adult bed bug is about 1/4 inch long and less than 1/8 inch wide, although sizes vary depending on the environment. They are brown to reddish-brown in color. Bed bugs are flat and oval in shape. A female can lay 1-5 eggs per day. Those eggs can hatch in 7-10 days.

They feed almost exclusively on human blood. They are typically nocturnal and very cryptic in nature. They feed at night and then return to their hiding places for a week or more. Bed bugs can survive several months without feeding. For the most part, the public is not well educated on the growing bed bug problem and signs of an infestation, so bed bugs go a long time without identification and treatment. Typically bed bugs will be in a home, apartment, or hotel for several months before they are even noticed.

Bed bugs are not just found in mattresses but can be found anywhere, including the box spring, bed frame, popcorn ceilings, power outlets, headboards, couches, and dressers.

How to Control:

Do not attempt to control bed bugs by yourself! Please contact an experienced pest control company that applies several different control methods. You can assist by removing clutter, vacuuming, washing clothes, etc. Find more things you can do to help control bed bugs.

Bed bugs are very difficult to control, and two or more control methods should be applied. Chemical treatments alone are often not enough to control bed bugs. Chemicals, steam, heat, vacuuming, mattress encasements, cleaning, and washing clothes are common control methods. The more control methods utilized usually lead to the best results. More on Bed Bug Control.