Pests: Hobo Spider

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Hobo Spider

Where They Live

near the ground (they are not great climbers) and in the basement

About the Pest:

The Hobo spider is brown, has long legs, and moves very fast. Hobos build horizontal webs with a funnel at the end. They are not very good climbers, so they are most often found near the ground. Hobo spiders are most often encountered from June to September.

Hobo spiders are dangerous. Their bites resemble and are often mistaken for brown recluse spider bites which are not native to Utah. A bite victim should seek medical attention, and an attempt should be made to capture the spider for correct identification and treatment.

How to Control:

To control hobos follow the guidelines under “spider” in the pest library. Also, Hobo spiders are not very good climbers, so if you are having hobos inside the home, remove bed skirts that touch the ground as this gives them an easy way to crawl into bed, especially in the basement.

Remove any wood piles and thick vegetation along the outside walls of the home. Insect glue boards placed in corners and along walls are also effective in controlling and monitoring hobo spiders.