Pests: House Ants

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House Ants

Where They Live

Wall Voids, attics, wood piles, and tree stumps.

About the Pest:

Odorous House Ants are a common problem in Utah. They are small ants often called sugar ants. They are easily identified by the pungent “rotten coconut-like” odor given off when the ant is crushed.

Odorous House Ants live in colonies of about 2,000-10,000 ants with several queens. Inside the home they are usually found near a moisture source such as in wall voids, especially around hot water pipes and heaters, in bath traps, and in crevices around sinks and cupboards. These ants prefer sweets but will also eat proteins on occasion. Workers often forage and move along trails.

How to Control:

Keeping things clean and food well-sealed is one of the best ways to help control odorous house ants. Fix any leaky pipes or eliminate any water sources for the ants.

Locating the nest and treating directly is essential to long-term control. Following foraging trails is often the best way to locate a colony. Next, spray a thorough perimeter treatment of a non-repellent pesticide. Then apply a non-repellent pesticide to any foraging trails inside the home. Lastly, bait with a sugar-based liquid or gel bait in strategic places.