Pests: House Mice

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House Mice

Where They Live

debris near homes or buildings & in homes that are not well-sealed

About the Pest:

The common house mouse is very successful at cohabitating with humans. They have the ability to survive in a wide variety of habitats; they have a small body size and can go undetected for months, and have a high reproductive potential. They are also very successful because they require little or no water to survive, and their behavior is unpredictable.

How to Control:

The two best ways to control house mice are good sanitation, including keeping debris away from homes or buildings, and exclusion. When a home or building is well-sealed, then it is much more difficult for mice to enter. After the mice enter the home, the two main forms of control are traps and rodenticides. A thorough inspection should be done to identify food sources, runways, nesting areas, and possible points of entry. After inspection traps or rodenticides should be chosen depending on the situation and placed where they will be most effective, like runways and near nesting areas.