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Residential Wildlife Control in Utah

As growth continues in Utah and taken over habitats, wildlife has adapted to cohabitate with humans. While it might be exciting at first to see a skunk or a bat around the neighborhood, they’re species you want to keep out of your home.


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Thorn Pest Solutions - residential wildlife control in Utah.
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Thorn uses cages and electronic monitoring as humane solutions to Utah wildlife control.
Humane and Safe Options

One of the tools Thorn uses to control wildlife is electronic monitoring. Keeping you, the animal and our professionals safe is our top priority. This equipment is humane and helps us keep everyone safe.

Thorn professionals using technology for a quick response and efficient solution.
Quick Response Times

Thorn receives a notification when an animal is caught, then we can come pick it up as soon as possible. Our quick response time goes hand in hand with our humane solution and keeping everyone safe.

Thorn wildlife control experts performing work on a home in Utah.
Exclusion to Keep Pests Out

Exclusion is a solution that offers long term results when working with wildlife. Filling in holes and gaps will make a big difference in keeping pests out.

Thorn Pest Solutions carries out a thorough inspection of the building as part of their Utah wildlife control.
Always Start with an Inspection

Thorn professionals will always start with an inspection of your property. Inspections give us all the information we will need to properly control your problem and give you long term results.

Thorn Pest Solutions A focused approach to wildlife management

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Thorn's Wildlife Management Process

Thorn always uses a scientific approach to pest management practices.

Thorn Pest Solutions Residential Wildlife Control in Utah

As growth continues in Utah and taken over habitats, wildlife has adapted to cohabitate with humans. While it might be exciting at first to see a skunk or a bat around the neighborhood, they’re species you want to keep out of your home.

In short, wildlife can carry dangerous diseases and destroy your yard or house. And, once they’ve moved in, it’s hard to get them out. It’s best to call an expert like Thorn who knows the ins and outs of the best methods for residential wildlife control in Utah.

Thorn Pest Solutions takes care of threatening wildlife so you don't have to worry about your property. What Critters Are Threatening?

Wildlife that will set up shop in your home include raccoons, skunks, squirrels and bats. Most cases of rabies come from these animals, which means you want to steer clear of them. Sometimes, though, they’ll be attracted to your property – and they’re unlikely to leave on their own.

Thorn are experts at locating and getting rid of wildlife in humane and effective ways.

Raccoons are tricky creatures who like to sort through your trash bins. While they seem cuddly, they can attack you, your children or your pets if they feel threatened.

Skunks can be dangerous - which is why its best to let Thorn Pest Solutions handle the residential wildlife control in Utah.

You’re wary of skunks for a reason. The same size of the cat and with black and white stripes, these critters are fluffy and maybe cute. However, you’ll want to leave Pepé Le Pew alone. When threatened, they can spray up to 15 feet. You’ll want to stay far out of that line of fire. Plus, skunks dig for food, destroying your yard or garden in their quest for the next meal. Keep an eye on your pipes, underneath your deck or inside your sheds for them, since skunks like to create dens in brush piles where it is nice and cozy.

Professionals at Thorn can take of those pesky squirrels for you so you don't have to worry.

Squirrels are also troublemakers that need to be included in your residential wildlife control plan. Urbanization has driven them into neighborhoods, and they’re here to stay. Even though they’re small, they can do a lot of damage. They’ll wander into your attic to find food and build a nest there. These critters will also wreck your walls, rip up your insulation and destroy electrical wires.

Don't handle bats on your own - let professionals remove them in a safe and humane way.

These flying mammals can create a range of issues, from structural damage to health risks. Bats often roost in attics, chimneys, or wall voids, where their droppings, called guano, can accumulate over time and emit a strong, unpleasant odor. Guano can also harbor fungal spores, leading to respiratory problems in humans. Additionally, bats are known to carry diseases like rabies, which can be transmitted through bites or scratches. Their constant scratching and scuttling can disrupt sleep and cause significant anxiety for homeowners. It's essential to address bat infestations promptly, not only for the safety of your home but also for the well-being of both your family and these remarkable creatures.

Don't Do It On Your OwnWhat Professionals Offer

There may be laws in your area about how to remove different types of wildlife from your property. That includes local regulations on how to remove skunks. And some bats, for example, are federally protected. It can be confusing to look up and understand the different laws regarding different species, which is why it’s best to leave residential wildlife control to experts like Thorn.

Removing wildlife on your own is dangerous. Skunks, raccoons, squirrels and bats can all carry rabies. Getting bit means a trip to the ER to undergo a series of expensive shots to protect yourself against rabies, which has no cure and is fatal if not addressed right away. Trapping on your own may be ineffective. Thorn has the right gear and experience to know how to effectively do it so that critters are removed — and stay away.

At Thorn, our professionals have decades of experience in residential wildlife control. Our entomologists on staff are experts at identifying the pests coming into your home, and know how to put an end to it.

Our strategy includes more than trapping wildlife. We will inspect your home to identify the problem, learn how wildlife is getting in, see where they are living and then create a plan for how to keep them from returning. Every part of the plan is based on science that has proven, effective solutions.

We are also QualityPro certified, which is an achievement awarded to less than 3% of pest management companies in the U.S. Our experts can answer any questions you have about why you’re seeing a problem and what strategies or products may be used. Contact Thorn to learn more!

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"Thorn is the company I have called when I need a job to get done right. Many pest control companies I have used haven’t exhibited the same expertise and knowledge that Thorn has. It’s great to have a company that I know can take care of anything that might arise."

Frank S. – Director of Housing – University of Utah

"We love Bayron! He does such a great job every time and explains things when I have questions. All the professionals who come are super friendly and helpful and they do their job. I tend to have questions and Bayron is helpful and knowledgeable."

Lisa B.

"Peace of mind is a great thing to have when thinking about your pest control company. We know things will be taken care of, and audits don’t really scare us because Thorn Pest Solutions has taken the burden off of us. We know we are audit-ready at any time and we know any pests that show up won’t be around for long."

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be both difficult and dangerous to deal with removing wildlife from your building, home, or property. Always contact a specialist if you need help with wildlife control, be it for snake removal, or the threat of a rabid animal. A highly-trained specialist, like the team of experts at Thorn, will make swift and safe recommendations for managing difficult wildlife situations.

Our pricing for wildlife control can range from $150 to $250, but it is often estimated on a case-by-case basis. If you need help, contact us for an estimate today.

Cleaning the exterior of your home and property is the first step to getting rid of unwelcome wildlife. By making the area less attractive and removing harborage or food supply, you can more easily discourage the animal from housing in your area, and trap and remove if necessary.

The animal control specialists at Thorn first inspect a property, and then deploy a removal strategy. They seal structures, remove attractants, and trap and remove the animal. Our teams use electronic monitoring devices on traps to make the process efficient and easy, and prevent the likelihood that an animal is stuck in a trap for a long period of time.

Wildlife can be difficult to control.
Thorn can help.

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Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

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    Bayron with Thorn is wonderful! He is so kind and friendly does a wonderful job!
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    Thorn is a great price for excellent service and professional service experts. Bayron was professional and personable. Great with our pets. He was thorough and fast. We are very grateful for his excellent service.
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    We have been using Thorn pest control for a while for treatment of; mice, spiders, and cockroaches, inside of our buildings and have recently added treatment for Voles/gophers and mosquitos on the outside.Thorn always sends out a very professional technician who takes a personal accountability to ensure that the job is done right and who addresses any issues we are facing.
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    Kevin was thorough and very helpful. He addressed all my pest concerns with solutions and I’m very pleased with the service I receive from Thorn Pest Solutions!
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    They've been serving us for approximately 3 years. Excellent job everytime. The workers are always willing to go above,and beyond. This time it was Josh, but this is his 4th time here and he is as professional and helpful as you could ever hope for. Thanks again Josh!
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    I have been using Thorn Pest Solutions for many years and have always been satisfied with the service and technicians. My most recent tech, Roy, did a fantastic job and went above and beyond the usual great service I'm used to receiving.
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    Jared was amazing! On time and very thorough with his examination.
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    Roy was very thorough with the cleaning and treatment needed for pest control. He respected our request to wear booties inside the house and made sure to cover every room, windows, edges and openings.
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    I have used this company for many many years first when it was known as spider spray. They have always been professional, honest and are very kind. They spray seasonal and mainly for spiders, earwigs, and other creepy, crawly things. They guarantee their service and Have come back out and resprayed, after 10 days, the area's in which I was still seeing some creepy crawling activity.
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    Our favorite all time tech of Thorn Spray is Bayron!! He is extremely polite, courteous, friendly and does an amazing job. He is extremely thorough and we never have any problems after he’s sprayed. Highly recommend Thorn Spray … they are great.
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    Dave from Thorn was great. He was super thorough. Most of the time when I get pest control service, they are in and out in 10 minutes. Dave spent the time to knock down cobwebs on the outside of my house. He was here spraying for 45 minutes. Definitely recommend.
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    Bayron is a delight. He is polite and respectful of our home. He does his work with efficiency and thoroughness. Garage and yard are included.
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