Pigeon Identification and Control

Correct identification is an important first step in pest control.

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Columba livia
How to Identify a Pigeon

Pigeons are 12-15 inches long. They are variable in color, but most are bluish gray with two black bands on the wings and a black tip to the tail. Most of them mostly have rainbow-like throat feathers.

Where Do They Nest

Pigeons build nests out of twigs, grasses and sticks to form a crude platform.

They nest on flat, covered surfaces such as sheltered cliff ledges, bridges and building surfaces.

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Why Are They A Health Hazard

Pigeon dropping may pose a health hazard when allowed to accumulate. They infest unprotected ventilation ducts and exhaust units.


Name :

Columba livia

Diet :

Grains and seeds, garbage, livestock manure, insets or other food provided by people


Health hazard, major nuisance pest

Tips & Tricks

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What To Do About Pigeons

  • Thorn professionals are trained and certified to install bird deterrents and netting.
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How To Exclude Birds From Your Home

  • Install bird netting.
  • Close building openings with wood, metal, glass or rustproof iron mesh.
  • Keep outdoor areas clean and eliminate water sources.
  • Use deterrents crush as metal or plastic spikes, monofilament and steel lines, coils, and sloped surfaces.

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How To Control

Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

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Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.


Our Approach to Pest Control

Proper pest management starts with a detailed inspection and assessment from an expert pest professional before treatment. Thorn Pest Solutions uses a three-step process rooted in science to eliminate pests with long-term results.

Driven By Science. Lead By Service.

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Assess Situation

First, we identify the root problem(s) with a site assessment. Pests are almost always an indicator of an environmental condition. This will determine the best actions to provide short and your long-term results against pests.

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Execute Action Plan

Next, we develop a plan to fix the problems we discovered. This includes solving current pest issues, eliminating conducive conditions, and monitoring for future pest activity. Good pest management starts with a good plan.

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Track Success

Lastly, we implement the solutions we developed including inspection, monitoring, and preventing future pest infestations. Good pest control requires a good offense and not just defense. Prevention is key.

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