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Bat Control & Exclusion in Utah

Bats are fascinating and very beneficial creatures.

They help control other insects by eating 6,000- 8,000 flying insects each night. If bats enter your house, however, they can become a nightmare. The guano accumulation and the smell can be terrible. We are here to help.

Orange drawing of a bat representing bat control
Bat Removal

All About Bat Removal

Bats are protected by the migratory bird act of 1918. They cannot be harmed. Instead, we must seal up building to keep them out. If bats are already nesting inside of a building, we must wait for them to fly south in late fall and seal up the building then. Sealing a building requires a lot of inspection work to make sure every opening is found and sealed.

Thorn also performs clean up of attic spaces when necessary.

What is unique about Thorn’s approach to bat removal?

  • Our inspection and assessment. We take the necessary time to find any and all bat entry/exit points
  • We create a plan that may include exclusion, bat houses, and sometimes repellents
  • We follow back up to make sure we are keeping bats out.

Benefits of our bat removal solutions:

  • Humane treatment of bats
  • Keep your building clean and sanitary
  • Follow up to make sure we are getting results

Let Thorn solve your pesky bat problem. Book today!

Our Bat Removal Process:

  1. Thorough inspection
  2. Identify entry/exit points
  3. Assess the best plan of action
  4. Seal up all holes except major entry/exit holes
  5. Place bat cones on major entry/exit holes
  6. Clean up if necessary
  7. Follow-up and assess to make sure we are getting the desired results

Why trust Thorn?

  1. Experienced wildlife experts
  2. We find and fix the problem for long term results 
  3. Warranty our bat work
  4. Can remove attic insulation if needed
  5. We do not harm the bats

Say "Bye Bye" to those bats.