Services: Bird Control

Don’t let birds hurt your business.

Don’t let birds hurt your business. Birds on your business can be unsightly, can damage your building, create slip hazards, and can spread diseases.

We can protect your property permanently from pest birds the negative affects they cause.

A focused approach to bird control:

Bird Control

We permanently remove the bird pests.

Thorn provides permanent bird solutions to protect your business and property. Every property is different and requires different solutions. We are here to help formulate a rock solid plan to remove the birds for good.

Bird Removal services have a 3 year warranty.

Comprehensive Bird Audit & Plan

Because every building is different a comprehensive and well thought out plan is necessary to get the best results. Solutions need to be thought about and problem solved. Hastily built plans are the number 1 reason bird solutions fail. We don’t make that mistake.

Permanent Solutions

We prefer permanent bird solutions that will give you results for many years. “Band-aid” fixes for birds generally lead to poor results and just waste money. We offer bird netting, bird spikes, bird wire, shock strips, bird slides, and other permanent bird solutions.

Our 3 Step Process:
1. Assessment
2. Treatment
3. Follow-up


Inspection is the most important step to getting good results.

Thorn professionals inspect for pests and their evidence, pest vulnerable areas, food sources, and entry points. We are trained to see things that others miss. The better we can identify these, the better we can attack the problem and have better success.


Know what’s happening at your facility or your property.

Detailed documentation is critical for this. You should know exactly where you are having active pests, deficiencies that are conducive to pest activity, and if current treatments are working. Don’t just guess and hope things are working. This is a science without guess work.


Good pest management involves designing proactive programs.

We need to be playing offense and not just defense. We need to be tracking and fixing potential problems. This is where Thorn excels.

Benefits of our bird solutions:

Enjoy the benefits of a bird-free business.

  • Keep your property safe and clean
  • Decrease maintenance and repair costs
  • Increase your property value
  • Protect you image
  • Eliminate the spread of disease to patrons and employees

Our Bird Solutions:

We offer a variety of ways to keep the birds away.

  • Bird Netting
  • Bird slopes
  • Bird Spiking
  • Bird Wire
  • Electric shock strips
  • Live trapping

Bird Removal Process:

Pricing varies widely for food facilities. It is difficult to give blanket pricing, but certain things will drive the price up or down. Some of these factors are:

  1. We perform a detailed inspection and site survey
  2. We discuss history and strategies already tried
  3. We assess the best control solutions
  4. We provide you with a comprehensive strategy plan
  5. We do the work
  6. We return for inspections to ensure desired results

Getting started is easy!

We are here to help in any way that we can.

  1. Call, Email, or send an online request
  2. A Thorn specialist will perform an on-site assessment and design a custom plan for your specific business and situation.
  3. You decide if Thorn is a good fit for your business. No pressure. We are here to help if you need and answer any quesions you may have. Choosing the right pest management company is an important decision.

Send those birds flying.