Audits and Consultations

Audit for Pest Control in Utah

Is your pest management program expertly designed for optimal results?

Do you have an in house pest management program and want to know if you are following best practices? Are you a food plant and want to make sure your pest management program is ready for an audit? We are here to help. 

A focused approach to pest control

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Audits & Consultations

Know what to do and how to do it.

We can provide you with pest management program audits and consultations to help you make sure your pest prevention is set up to get the results you need.

How we can help:

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Help Preparing for an Audit

Audits can be stressful. We can help take the stress out of an audit by making sure your pest control program is ready for any auditor. Thorn is extremely well versed in pest management standards and requirements for any auditing body including NSF, BRC, SQF, NOP, AIB, Merieux, Primus, and more. We can help guide you through the requirements and make sure you are ready.

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Audit of Your Pest Program

Pest control is important. Thorn can audit your pest control program and help make sure it is sufficient for your needs. You should be confident in how your pest prevention program is designed and executed.

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Setting Up A Pest Program

Need help setting up a pest program? Thorn can help. We can inspect, assess, and then design a rock solid pest prevention program.

Get help from Thorn.
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Thorn consults with some of the largest companies in the world about their pest control programs and specific pest issues. When a company is facing shutdowns, infestations that aren’t getting handled, or chronic pest issues Thorn is the company to call to help.

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Urban Pest Identification

Thorn can help identify urban pests. Proper identification is a critical step in control. If you don’t know the insect how do you know how to prevent it? What is attracting it? Where to apply treatments? What to apply? Everything is dependent on proper identification.

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Other Services Thorn Can Provide:

  • Inspections
  • Interview personnel
  • Audit of pest control records
  • Review of pest control program
  • Provide recommendations

Stop wondering if your pest program is sufficient. Get started today.