Audits and Consultations

Audit for Pest Control in Utah

We can provide you with pest management program audits and consultations to help you make sure your pest prevention is set up to get the results you need.

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Optimally Designed Program

You need a pest control program designed for optimal results to fit your needs.

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Best Practices For Pest Control

Following the best practices for a pest control program will eliminate headache.

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Programs Ready For An Audit

Audits gone bad can ruin a company’s reputation. Don’t let that happen.

A focused approach to pest control

Know what to do and how to do it.

Thorn Pest Solutions offer professional audits and consultations.

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How Thorn Can Help:

Is your pest management program expertly designed for optimal results? Do you have an in house pest management program and want to know if you are following best practices? Are you a food plant and want to make sure your pest management program is ready for an audit? We are here to help.

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Services Thorn Provides:

Inspections, audits, and consultations

Interview personnel

Audit of pest control records

Review of pest control program

Provide recommendations


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Preparing For An Audit

Audits can be stressful. We can help take the stress out of an audit by making sure your pest control program is ready for any auditor. Thorn is extremely well versed in pest management standards and requirements for any auditing body including NSF, BRC, SQF, NOP, AIB, Merieux, Primus, and more. We can help guide you through the requirements and make sure you are ready.

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Audit Your Pest Program

Pest control is important. Thorn can audit your pest control program and help make sure it is sufficient for your needs. You should be confident in how your pest prevention program is designed and executed.

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Urban Pest Identification

Thorn can help identify urban pests. Proper identification is a critical step in control. If you don’t know the insect how do you know how to prevent it? What is attracting it? Where to apply treatments? What to apply? Everything is dependent on proper identification.

Professional Consultation

Thorn consults with some of the largest companies in the world about their pest control programs and specific pest issues. When a company is facing shutdowns, infestations that aren’t getting handled, or chronic pest issues Thorn is the company to call to help.

Client Testimonials

Thorn prides itself on being among the best commercial pest control providers in Utah.

Nate did an amazing job! He went above and beyond and we are so impressed with the quality of Thorn professionals!

Barbara and John L

Cyrus did an awesome job at my house. He was really thorough and answered all my questions!

Amy K

Bayron is amazing, thorough and very kind! We love him!

Kaylynn C

Garrett has been phenomenal and excellent! I am really happy with the diligence he has expressed while taking care of the cockroaches!

Stephen T

Mitchell was wonderful and very thorough!  You guys are great.  You are doing such a service for us.  I really, really appreciate it!

Pat B

I want to give kudos to Mitchell.  He is so genuinely kind and thorough.  We sure appreciate him!  He was very professional and in the bigger picture he was very kind when he was asked to do specific things.

Lynette B

I was very impressed with Paul.  He did an amazing job, and I wouldn’t have any qualms about having him back any time!

John F

Ryan was really great to work with.  He was really kind and patient.  I always have questions and he answered them all for me.  He was really polite and professional.

Jesse L

Bayron was polite and respectful and did a thorough job!

Jennifer P

Paul is a very, very nice man.  When we have questions, he explains everything to us very well.  I really appreciate that!


Pests can be difficult to control. Thorn can help.

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How Thorn Can Help

Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

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Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.