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Small flies buzzing around your guests is not what you want. Dealing with their complaints is also not what you want. Attack these small flies at the source, the drains.

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Drain Fly

Drain flies are a big culprit of hanging out in the scum lining drains and sewer lines. Their larvae hide behind the scum which makes them tougher to get ride of.

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Fruit Fly

Fruit flies love decaying organic material (a lot of what is in your drain). Cleaning floor drains on a regular basis will keep these pesky flies under control.

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Fungus Gnat

Fungus gnats lay their eggs in soil and moist organic material. Their larvae nest in this material until they become an adult. The adults will hang out in the soil of house plants.

Prevent pest infestations with drain cleanings

Small flies can ruin a guests experience.

Drain cleaning services from Thorn will keep your guests happy.

Get Rid of Small Flies
Thorn professional inspecting for pests in a drain

Thorn’s Drain Cleaning Process:

1. Thorough inspection to identify the flies species

2. Assess where the flies are coming from

3. Inspect for larva in drain gunk

4. Inject drains with foaming biological drain cleaner

5. Re-inspect drains to ensure gunk was removed

Thorn professional inspecting a drain in a kitchen setting

Thorough Inspections

Thorn professionals will thoroughly inspect the area to find the all possible breeding areas and correctly identify the fly species.

Using flashlight to inspect drink syrups for flies

Proactive Protection

Proactively protect your business’s reputation and image by preventing small fly infestations.

Thorn professional cleaning a drain in a restaurant

Remove Breeding Grounds

Drain services from Thorn make it difficult for small flies to find breeding spots.

Floor drain with foam cleaner around it

Save Money and Time

You will save money and time by preventing small fly infestations vs only eliminating an established infestation.

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Many Small Flies Breed in Drains

They lay their eggs in the gunk (decaying organic matter) attached to the sides of the drains. The larva can be very difficult to kill as they are protected from bleach, hot water, and pesticides by the gunk. To eliminate the flies, you must eliminate the gunk. Thorn provides biological drain cleanings to eliminate the gunk and therefore eliminate and prevent small flies.

Client Testimonials

Thorn prides itself on being among the best commercial pest control providers in Utah.

Nate did an amazing job! He went above and beyond and we are so impressed with the quality of Thorn professionals!

Barbara and John L

Cyrus did an awesome job at my house. He was really thorough and answered all my questions!

Amy K

Bayron is amazing, thorough and very kind! We love him!

Kaylynn C

Garrett has been phenomenal and excellent! I am really happy with the diligence he has expressed while taking care of the cockroaches!

Stephen T

Mitchell was wonderful and very thorough!  You guys are great.  You are doing such a service for us.  I really, really appreciate it!

Pat B

I want to give kudos to Mitchell.  He is so genuinely kind and thorough.  We sure appreciate him!  He was very professional and in the bigger picture he was very kind when he was asked to do specific things.

Lynette B

I was very impressed with Paul.  He did an amazing job, and I wouldn’t have any qualms about having him back any time!

John F

Ryan was really great to work with.  He was really kind and patient.  I always have questions and he answered them all for me.  He was really polite and professional.

Jesse L

Bayron was polite and respectful and did a thorough job!

Jennifer P

Paul is a very, very nice man.  When we have questions, he explains everything to us very well.  I really appreciate that!


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