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Small flies can ruin a guest's experience

Small flies buzzing around your guests is not what you want. Dealing with their complaints is not what you want. Attack these small flies at the source, the drains.


orange drawing of a dripping faucet
Drain Cleaning

Many small flies breed in drains.

They lay their eggs in the gunk (decaying organic matter) attached to the sides of the drains. The larva can be very difficult to kill as they are protected from bleach, hot water, and pesticides by the gunk. To eliminate the flies, you must eliminate the gunk. Thorn provides biological drain cleanings to eliminate the gunk and therefore eliminate and prevent small flies.

Thorn professional inspecting for pests in a drain


1. Thorough inspection to identify the flies species

2. Assess where the flies are coming from

3. Inspect for larva in drain gunk

4. Inject drains with foaming biological drain cleaner

5. Re-inspect drains to ensure gunk was removed

Thorn professional foaming a drain


Proactively protect your businesses reputation and image by preventing small flies

Make it difficult for small flies to find breeding spots

Save you money by preventing vs eliminating infestations

Got small flies? We can help.
Drain fly on a white background

Drain Fly

Drain flies are a big culprit of hanging out in the scum lining drains and sewer lines. Their larvae hide behind the scum which makes them tougher to get ride of.

Yellow colored fruit fly on a green plant

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies love decaying organic material (a lot of what is in your drain). Cleaning floor drains on a regular basis will keep these pesky flies under control.

Fungus gnat on a white background

Fungus Gnat

Fungus gnats lay their eggs in soil and moist organic material. Their larvae nest in this material until they become an adult. The adults will hang out in the soil of house plants.

Wash your worries away.