Services: Exclusion

Pest Exclusion Services in Utah

A scientific approach to pest control includes identifying pest entry points and sealing those areas up so pests cannot gain entry. This process is called exclusion.

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Exclusion Services

Exclusion is critical for successful long term pest prevention.


Rodent entry point needing excluder to control rodents


Thorn professional using steel wool for exclusion on the outside of a building

What We Do

  • Identify pest entry points
  • Use products to fill holes and gaps that is impenetrable to rodents and other pests
  • Products do not rust over time
  • We can seal man doors and bay and dock doors with seals that are rodent-proof

Misc Info

Our door sweeps come with a lifetime guarantee that they will stop mice and rats.

Many people believe that rodents in their home must have entered a door left open, but in most cases they gain entrance through “closed doors” that have gaps.

  • Mice need a gap of 1/4 inch.
  • Rats need a gap of 1/2 inch.

Electronic Rodent Monitors

This new technology helps our professionals maximize the time spent on your property. We can now spend more time focusing on inspection and preventing any future issues.

Keep those pests out for good.