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Flies spread disease and ruin a guests experience. They walk on feces, rotting food, and garbage and then land on our food. They regurgitate liquids from their stomach onto our food. Because of these unsanitary behaviors, flies must be controlled in food establishments and we’re here to help.

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Why do I have flies?

Flies are attracted to a number of things. Thorn can help deliberate what type of fly you are dealing with, why it is attracted to your home or business and what type of treatment options will work best for you.

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Small Flies

Small flies like fruit flies, drain flies, and phorid flies are often breeding inside the building and are infesting the building from the inside.

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Large Flies

Large flies, often called filth flies, typically breed in feces, dead animal carcasses, and rotting garbage and often fly into buildings from the outside.

Scientific Fly Control

Let’s fix your fly problem.

With Thorn’s scientific approach to pest control, you can feel confident that you fly worries will be a thing of the past.

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We take a scientific approach fly control.

Flies spread disease and ruin a guests experience.

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Our Fly Control Process

1. Thorough inspection

2. Identify fly species

3. Identify breeding sources

4. Assess the situation and create treatment strategy

5. Monitor

6. Follow-up and assess to make sure we are getting the desired results

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Fly control starts with a good inspection. We need to find out why there are flies present and what is attracting them there. It is critical to identify and eliminate these conditions in order to get control. Thorn professionals can help identify harborage areas for flies. We are here to partner with you and help create an environment that is not conducive to flies.

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Drain Foaming

One way to help control flies is to clean out drains by using a foamer. Flies lay their eggs in the organic matter that grows in drains and their larvae feeds on that matter until they grow to an adult.

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Insect Light Traps

Insect light traps are a great tool for monitoring and controlling flies. Proper light trap placement and maintenance is required in order to get the best result. Before installing an insect light trap, our pest professionals perform a sight survey identifying the best spots to install a light trap. It is not as simple as just putting up a fly light.

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Fly Baits

We can use a number of baits to help control flies. These can be especially useful in locations that are naturally attractive to flies, like around the dumpster. Fly control is generally most successful when we use several tools and techniques like baiting, exclusion, reducing conducive conditions, and using insect light traps.

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We take a scientific approach to fly control.

Eliminating flies can be difficult and generally requires multiple control methods to get the desired results. Pest professionals must be able to identify the fly species present, understand their biology and where they prefer to lay eggs, be able to locate potential breeding spots, and be able to create a short and long term control strategy that gets results. Understanding the biology of the flies is crucial to be able to get control.

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What is unique about Thorn’s approach to fly control?

Our inspection and assessment. We get to the root of the problem.

Based on observation and understanding of the biology of flies. We don’t simply place devices and pray we get results.

We monitor so you see exactly how treatments are working.

We track everything for you, so you don’t have to.

Proactive approach

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Benefits of our fly control solutions:

Protect your businesses reputation and image

Keep guests comfortable and safe

Detailed monitoring and documentation to show you are getting results

Peace of mind knowing that you are protecting your food and investment

Client Testimonials

Thorn prides itself on being among the best commercial pest control providers in Utah.

Nate did an amazing job! He went above and beyond and we are so impressed with the quality of Thorn professionals!

Barbara and John L

Cyrus did an awesome job at my house. He was really thorough and answered all my questions!

Amy K

Bayron is amazing, thorough and very kind! We love him!

Kaylynn C

Garrett has been phenomenal and excellent! I am really happy with the diligence he has expressed while taking care of the cockroaches!

Stephen T

Mitchell was wonderful and very thorough!  You guys are great.  You are doing such a service for us.  I really, really appreciate it!

Pat B

I want to give kudos to Mitchell.  He is so genuinely kind and thorough.  We sure appreciate him!  He was very professional and in the bigger picture he was very kind when he was asked to do specific things.

Lynette B

I was very impressed with Paul.  He did an amazing job, and I wouldn’t have any qualms about having him back any time!

John F

Ryan was really great to work with.  He was really kind and patient.  I always have questions and he answered them all for me.  He was really polite and professional.

Jesse L

Bayron was polite and respectful and did a thorough job!

Jennifer P

Paul is a very, very nice man.  When we have questions, he explains everything to us very well.  I really appreciate that!


Flies can be difficult to control. Thorn can help.

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Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

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Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

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