Pest Inspection Services in Utah

Thorough inspection is the most critical step of successful pest management.

Pest management is much more than applying products. It is about finding out why the pests are there. It is about finding out where they are originating from. It is about finding exactly where and how much product to use. It is about finding the best spots. This is all discovered through proper inspection.

A scientific approach to pest control

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Good pest control starts with a good inspection.

In order to perform a quality inspection a pest control professional must understand pest biology and we do. We are scientists. We understand pest biology and are trained to be keen observers. We see things that other’s overlook.

Thorn professional inspecting for pests in a drain area

Keen Observation

The better we observe, the better we can control your pests. To been keen observers we must be experts and understand pest biology and identification. Being keen observers allow us to be able to solve the most difficult of pest issues. 

Thorn Pest Professional inspecting for pest in Utah

Why is inspection important?

Inspection helps us understand where we have pest activity. Where pests might enter. Where applications may be necessary. What is attracting pests. How to prevent pests. Without inspection we don’t know what to treat, what to treat with, or what to do. Inspection must come before any treatment.

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Professional vs Amateur

What’s the difference between professional pest control services and amateur pest control services? It’s the quality of the inspection. The better the inspection, the better the service will be. This requires expertise and knowledge. Amateur inspections will lead to amateur results. Looking for a good pest control company? Hire a company that is good at inspection.

Thorn professional inspecting for pests in a library seating area

Inspections that we provide:

  • Bed Bug inspections
  • German cockroach inspections
  • General pest control inspections
  • Rodent inspections
  • Termite inspections
  • Stored product pest inspections
  • Food plant inspections

Inspections allow us to:

Learn why we need to inspect 

  • Identify pest issues, many of which may not be reported
  • Be proactive and identify issues quickly
  • Find potential issues and correct them, preventing costly infestations
  • Know how to get short and long term results
  • Stop guessing at what the issues are
  • Know where to apply products to get the best results
  • Create the right program
  • Ensure we are getting results

Benefits of our inspections:

How you benefit from us inspecting 

  • Get results faster and therefore save you money
  • See exactly what is happening at your property
  • Be proactive and prevent infestations
  • Peace of mind knowing what is happening
  • Save you time and money because you are not guessing at what is happening

What We Can Learn From An Inspection

Pests are cryptic and sneaky, many times you don’t know they are there until the problem because too large to deal with. These are some questions we ask ourselves when we conduct an inspection.

Where are we having pest activity?

What type of pests are we dealing with?

How severe is the infestation?

Where are the pests harboring?


Where are the pests entering the structure?

What are the conducive conditions?

We’re ready to show you the benefits of a proper inspection.

Be the best in your industry.