Odor Management

Odor Management Services in Utah

Dead rodent smells, trash room smells, and other odors can ruin a guest or tenant experience.

We can help with odor management. We have a number of tools to combat these objectionable odors.

A target approach to pest control

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Odor Management

Clients deserve a pleasant experience, smelly odors can turn them away.

Thorn has several options for odor control and management for your home or business. A thorough inspection will pinpoint the culprit, then we can discuss treatment options. 

Enzym Foam

This foam uses active microbes which are designed to naturally consume organic matter that cause odors. It is composed of multiple strains of specific bacteria that directly attacks odor causing molecules. Because it binds to these molecules the odor is eliminated and not simply masked.

Some examples of odors include urine, feces, vomit, grease, fats, proteins, decomposing plant and animal matter, garbage odors, pet odors, other organic matter, skunk odors, grease build up in drains.

Deodorizing Bags

These bags use natural minerals to attract and remove all types of door and smoke molecules.   It does not mask the odors by emitting a fragrance; it removes them. Possible odors it will remove include:

Dead rodents

Cigarette smoke



Urine and Feces

Musty Mildew

Control the stench

Your pest control company shouldn’t stink at their job. Thorn has solutions for smelly dumpster areas. Keep your business environment pleasant for employees and customers.

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Stop suffering through the stink.

Where is the smell coming from?

Rodent near a black bait box outside


Dead mice often stink for 10-14 days. The best way to control the smell is to follow your nose and find the dead rodent. If the rodent cannot be found, we can use odor eating strategies to remove the smell. Rodent urine and feces are also a problem. Thorn has products to encapsulate the odor causing molecules and eliminate it completely.

Pest control inspection services and treatments in Salt Lake City, Utah

Garbage Areas

Garbage areas are commonly known to smell. Rodents, ants, stinging insects, cockroaches and flies are all attracted to these areas as well. Taking extra care to clean these areas will greatly reduce the pests you typically see and will make the environment around smell more pleasant. You can read more about this in our blog post here.

Thorn professional inspecting a drain in a kitchen setting


Drains a notorious as a fly breeding ground. Many small fly species lay their eggs in the grease lining of a drain, which is why they seem to thrive. Applying drain cleaner to these areas will help control and eliminate fly problems and unpleasant smelling drains. This is a good practice to do on a regular basis to keep these problems under control and your business environment odor free.

Bad smells are bad business.