Pest Control

Pest Control Services in Utah

Life is stressful enough without pests.

We provide quality pest control services for any urban pest you may encounter here in Utah. Dealing with pests can be stressful, unhealthy, and uncomfortable and you shouldn’t have to deal with that.

Thorn knows how to solve pest problems.

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Pest Control

We solve your pest issues fast!

What’s the difference between us and someone else? We are trained to see what others overlook. We understand pest biology and behavior and know what to do and where. We don’t simply apply the same product at every stop. That means you get better result, faster.

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Highly trained

You deserve the very best services from trained professionals and not just a “pest guy” with a sprayer.

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Variety of tools

We don’t simply use the same materials and tools at every service. We have a variety of effective tools and materials so we can choose the very best based on your needs.

Thorn professional inspecting a drain in a kitchen setting

We dig deeper

Pests are an indicator of a conducive condition. We dig deep to find the root cause and solve the underlying issue. This leads to long-term results.

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We are professional

You deserve the very best client care. Thorn is always professional and kind. You will love your Thorn professional.

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for your home

Keep your home pest-free.

Thorn pest solutions can quickly solve your pest problems. Enjoy a comfortable and pest free home.

for your business

Protect your business from pests.

Get detailed services from an expert pest professional to protect your products and reputation.

Thorn provides pest control services for whatever pest you are dealing with.

Discover more about common Utah pests with our pest library.

Reddish brown pavement ants on white background


Ants are one of the most common pests in Utah and can be difficult to control. Simply “spraying” for ants only offered short term relief and can make ant issues worse. Thorn can identify the ant species you are dealing with and provide expert solutions to solve your ant issues for good.

Earwig on a brown leaf


Do earwigs really go into your ear while you sleep? No they do not, but they are a common pests here in Utah. Earwigs are easily identifiable by their large forceps that extend from their abdomen. They hide during the day under bark, logs, leaf litter, and in high moisture cracks and crevices.

tan colored wolf spider


Spiders are on of the most feared creatures on the planet. Whether they should be or not is another topic, but there is no doubt that spiders in a home or business can make many people uncomfortable. Thorn provides expert pest control services that control spiders and keep them outside where they belong.

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Paper wasp on its nest


Stinging insects like wasps send over 500,000 Americans to the emergency room every year here in the United States. Wasps are most aggressive when protecting their nest so it’s important prevent wasps from building nests by placing pesticides in potential nesting sites in the early spring.

Pile of boxelder bugs on a white background

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are typically found in and around building in the spring and fall. They like to congregate on building exteriors and can be a major nuisance. A boxelder bug diet consists preference is boxelder tree seeds which are only found on female boxelder trees. They may also feed on other maple seeds as well.

Two house mice eating a biscuit


Mice love dark, quiet, tight and warm spaces that are close to food and moisture. Surely any family home fits the bills for what mice want. Mice can fit thought the smallest of cracks and gaps which is why exclusion practices are so important. Removing any clutter from your home indoors/outdoors will also make a difference. Thorn can help solve difficult rodent issues so you don’t have to worry.

Send those pests packing.