Stored Product Pest

Stored Product Pest Control in Utah

We stop stored product pests from hurting your home or business.

Stored Product pests like indian meal moths, cigarette beetles, sawtooth grain beetles, and many others can ruin your food, damage your reputation, and can be a huge headache.

A focused approach to stored product pests

Orange drawing of a beetle representing stored product pest control
Stored Product Pests

We take a scientific approach to controlling stored product pests.

Control can be hard and if the pest species is not correctly identified, finding the food sources is very difficult. There are many different species of stored product pests and each species has unique biology that pest professionals must know to get the best results.

Why is correct pest identification critical?

  • It tells us what the preferred food sources are so we know where to look for larvae
  • It tells us how best to control the pest
  • It tells us what pheromone traps to use
  • It tells us if they are attracted to uv light
  • It tells us their life cycle

Benefits of our stored product pest solutions:

  • Protect your businesses reputation and image
  • Keep employees and guests comfortable
  • Protect your food from contamination
  • Not just a band-aid approach so you save money

Make sure your inventory is safe. Contact Thorn.

Pheromone Monitoring & Trapping

Indian meal moths on a pheromone trap

Pheromone traps are great tools to help us trap and monitor for stored product pests. There are a variety of different monitors for different stored product pests. They can help us identify issues early, identify pests, and also monitor how treatment methods are working.

Electronic Remote Pheromone Traps

White pheromone trap hanging in a warehouse

This new technology from Insects Limited allows us to monitor for stored product pests every day remotely instead of just at scheduled services. This is huge! They allow us to catch issues early and respond quickly, giving you better service and protection. The traps send daily images and allows us to see what has been captured.


Inspecting for pests in a yellow bucket full of beans

Inspection is critical for preventing and controlling stored product pests. It takes keen observers who  are experts in identifying signs of stored product pests to catch issues early. Inspection should be a large portion of a pest control service.

Proper Pest Identification

Cow pea weevils

Pest identification is a must when trying to control and prevent stored product pests. Knowing what pest we are dealing with or what pests we are likely to encounter allows us to prescribe the right treatment. Thorn pest professionals are here to help with proper identification.

We treat all stored product pests including:


  1. Inspect the facility for pests and possible food sources
  2. Identify the pest species
  3. Identify the food sources
  4. Assess the situation and create a treatment strategy dependent on the facility and pest species
  5. Perform the work
  6. Place pheromone traps depending on the pest species
  7. Remove any identified food sources
  8. Seal or remove any potential food sources
  9. Follow-up to make sure we are getting the desired results

What are stored product pests?

Stored product pests are any pests that are associated with food, particularly food stored in a pantry. These pests, such as moths and beetles, gravitate towards these dark spaces and feed off the accessible food, such as grains of spilled rice, or a loosely closed bag of flour. 

Controlling these infestations isn’t only important at home, but it’s paramount to health and safety in the food industry, including in food processing plants.

What are the common storage pests?

The most common types of storage pests include:

How do you control storage pests?

Managing an infestation starts with an inspection for pest identification. Our teams can make recommendations, and usually advise on eliminating food sources, cleaning up spilled foods, placing pheromone traps, and encouraging mating disruption. 

Thorn’s pest control professionals are available to help make recommendations based on your needs. Reach out to our team today so we can help with an inspection at your business or home.

Store your food, not the pests.