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Stored Product Pest Control in Utah

Stored product pests can ruin your food, damage your reputation and be a huge headache. We stop stored product pests from hurting your home or business.

How to get rid of the 3 most common pantry pests

Protect Your Reputation

Stored product pests can ruin your reputation as a business.

Common pantry pests

Protect Your Food

Stored product pests can contaminate your food products in your home or at your business.

Confused flour beetles inside a sac of flour

Protect Your Clients

Controlling stored product pests will keep  you, your employees and your customers satisfied and comfortable.

A focused approach to stored product pests

Not just a band-aid approach.

Save money by using the professionals at Thorn for your stored product pest issues.

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Stored Product Pest Process

We take a scientific approach to controlling stored product pests. Controlling these pests can be hard. Identifying the correct species will lead us to the correct food source which is what we need to get control.

Thorn professional inspecting with a flashlight in a food plant

Steps to Control:

1. Inspect the facility for pests and possible food sources.

2. Identify the pest species.

3. Identify the food sources.

4. Assess the situation and create a treatment strategy dependent on the facility and pest species.

5. Perform the work.

6. Place pheromone traps depending on the pest species.

7. Remove any identified food sources.

8. Seal or remove any potential food sources.

9. Follow-up to make sure we are getting the desired results.


Inspecting for pests in a yellow bucket full of beans


Inspection is critical for preventing and controlling stored product pests. It takes keen observers who  are experts in identifying signs of stored product pests to catch issues early. Inspection should be a large portion of a pest control service.

Green grains with cowpea weevils mixed in


Pest identification is a must when trying to control and prevent stored product pests. Knowing what pest we are dealing with or what pests we are likely to encounter allows us to prescribe the right treatment.

Indian meal moths with a pheromone trap


Pheromone traps are great tools to help us trap and monitor for stored product pests. There are a variety of different monitors for different stored product pests. They can help us identify issues early, identify pests, and also monitor how treatment methods are working.


This new technology from Insects Limited allows us to monitor for stored product pests every day remotely instead of just at scheduled services. This is huge! They allow us to catch issues early and respond quickly, giving you better service and protection. The traps send daily images and allows us to see what has been captured.

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We take a scientific approach to controlling stored product pests.

Make sure your inventory is safe.

We treat all stored product pests including:

  1. Indian Meal Moths
  2. Cigarrette Beetles
  3. Confused Flour Beetles
  4. Drugstore Beetles
  5. Cowpea Weevils
  6. Foreign Grain Beetles
  7. Granary Weevils
  8. Lesser Grain Borers
  9. Mealworms
  10. Mediterranean Flour Moths
  11. Sawtooth Grain Beetles
  12. Spider Beetles
  13. Warehouse Beetles

What are stored product pests?

Stored product pests are any pests that are associated with food, particularly food stored in a pantry. These pests, such as moths and beetles, gravitate towards these dark spaces and feed off the accessible food, such as grains of spilled rice, or a loosely closed bag of flour. 

Controlling these infestations isn’t only important at home, but it’s paramount to health and safety in the food industry, including in food processing plants.

What are the common storage pests?

The most common types of storage pests include:

How do you control storage pests?

Managing an infestation starts with an inspection for pest identification. Our teams can make recommendations, and usually advise on eliminating food sources, cleaning up spilled foods, placing pheromone traps, and encouraging mating disruption. 

Thorn’s pest control professionals are available to help make recommendations based on your needs. Reach out to our team today so we can help with an inspection at your business or home.

Client Testimonials

Thorn prides itself on being among the best commercial pest control providers in Utah.

Nate did an amazing job! He went above and beyond and we are so impressed with the quality of Thorn professionals!

Barbara and John L

Cyrus did an awesome job at my house. He was really thorough and answered all my questions!

Amy K

Bayron is amazing, thorough and very kind! We love him!

Kaylynn C

Garrett has been phenomenal and excellent! I am really happy with the diligence he has expressed while taking care of the cockroaches!

Stephen T

Mitchell was wonderful and very thorough!  You guys are great.  You are doing such a service for us.  I really, really appreciate it!

Pat B

I want to give kudos to Mitchell.  He is so genuinely kind and thorough.  We sure appreciate him!  He was very professional and in the bigger picture he was very kind when he was asked to do specific things.

Lynette B

I was very impressed with Paul.  He did an amazing job, and I wouldn’t have any qualms about having him back any time!

John F

Ryan was really great to work with.  He was really kind and patient.  I always have questions and he answered them all for me.  He was really polite and professional.

Jesse L

Bayron was polite and respectful and did a thorough job!

Jennifer P

Paul is a very, very nice man.  When we have questions, he explains everything to us very well.  I really appreciate that!


Stored product pests can be difficult to control. Thorn can help.

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Pests can be difficult to control, but that’s what we are here for. We create a strategic plan to gain control of your problem and make sure we get results.

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Thorn's Approach

We take a scientific approach to pest control. We start with an inspection and assessment to help us identify the pest, locate where they are, and create a specific plan for your property. Every home and business is different and requires a unique strategy.

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