Services: Termite Inspections

Termite Inspection Services in Utah

Termites can be difficult to detect.

They require an expert eye that is trained to see what others overlook. Termite inspectors must understand termite biology and evidence, construction and building practices, and best treatment methods. Thorn has the termite experts to give you peace of mind.

A focused approach on termite inspections

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Termite Inspections

If they are around, we'll find them.

Whether you need an inspection because you are buying or selling your home or property and want to make sure there are no termites silently eating the structure or you suspect you have termites, we are here to help.

Thorn can inspect so you can rest easy.

Exterior Inspection

Thorn professional inspecting for termites

Interior Inspection

Thorn professional inspecting for termites with a flashlight

Benefits of our termite inspections:

  • Highly trained termite experts
  • Peace of mind that the inspection was done well
  • Well versed in VA Home Loan Inspections
  • Written inspection reports


Pricing can vary but typically termite inspections for single-family homes is about $150. Inspections for larger properties can vary greatly on the size of the property. For more information, be sure you reach out.

Put your worries to bed.