Wildlife Management

Wildlife Removal & Management in Utah

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Squirrels in the attic, skunks in the crawl space, or raccoons down the chimney, wildlife in our homes or properties can be destructive and very disruptive. Thorn is here to help.

A focused approach to wildlife management

Orange drawing of a squirrel representing wildlife control
Wildlife Control

Don't worry, we'll catch them.

Thorn uses electronic monitoring devices on wildlife traps. These are devices that trigger and send an electronic notification when an animal is caught.

Wildlife Management Process:

1. Inspect the property for entry points and possible attractants

2. Assess the situation and create a strategy dependent on the property and wildlife species

3. Deploy removal strategy

4. Set up electronic monitoring

5. Remove animal when caught

6. Seal up structure and eliminate attractants

7. Follow-up if we are not getting the desired results

Benefits of using Thorn

Exclusion services for your home 

Humane solutions

Inspect to find entry points or attractants giving long term results

Quick response and removal with electronic monitoring

Let us help make your life easier.

One of the tools Thorn uses to control wildlife is electron monitoring. Keeping you, the animal and our professionals safe is our top priority. This equipment is humane and helps us keep everyone safe.

Thorn receives a notification when an animal is caught, then we can come pick it up as soon as possible. Our quick response time goes hand in hand with our humane solution and keeping everyone safe.

Thorn professional using steel wool for exclusion on the outside of a building

Exclusion is a solution that offers long term results when working with wildlife. Filling in holes and gaps will make a big difference in keeping pests out.

Why use electronic monitoring devices?

  • It tells us immediately if an animal was caught for quick pick up
  • It collects data to show trends for long term problems like a sports stadium
  • Saves you money because we don’t have to stop by and check traps as often
  • It gives us data to show areas with high activity
  • Saves the animal from being stuck in a trap for long period of time

Who do you call to remove wild animals?

It can be both difficult and dangerous to deal with removing wildlife from your building, home, or property. Always contact a specialist if you need help with wildlife control, be it for snake removal, or the threat of a rabid animal. A highly-trained specialist, like the team of experts at Thorn, will make swift and safe recommendations for managing difficult wildlife situations.

How much does it cost to remove wild animals?

Our pricing for wildlife control can range from $150 to $250, but it is often estimated on a case-by-case basis. If you need help, contact us for an estimate today.

How do you get rid of unwanted wild animals?

Cleaning the exterior of your home and property is the first step to getting rid of unwelcome wildlife. By making the area less attractive and removing harborage or food supply, you can more easily discourage the animal from housing in your area, and trap and remove if necessary. 


The animal control specialists at Thorn first inspect a property, and then deploy a removal strategy. They seal structures, remove attractants, and trap and remove the animal. Our teams use electronic monitoring devices on traps to make the process efficient and easy, and prevent the likelihood that an animal is stuck in a trap for a long period of time.

Don't let the wildlife drive you wild.