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Interested in how to prevent a pest control crisis, save yourself money, achieve peace of mind and protect your home, business or commercial property? Check out our video library for a behind-the-scenes look on our services and how we achieve results through our scientific approach to pest management.

Bed Bugs Feeding on Human Hand

Ever Seen A Bed Bug In Action? Here's Your Chance.

Dealing with bed bugs in your home or workplace? Bed bugs continue to explode here in Utah. Prevent  a possible bed bug infestation with our services. Learn more about what Thorn Pest Solutions can do to get rid of these pests at:

Bed Bug Inspection with K9

How We Find Bed Bugs In Your Home With K9 Inspection

A well-trained professional be more effective at locating bed bugs, even at low infestation levels, with one of our bed bug dogs because these dogs can sniff out bugs that are in places the professional cannot see, and they can search extensive areas quickly. Thoroughly searching large apartment complexes visually would be exhausting and extremely time-consuming for a pest management professional. Using a dog allows us to handle those accounts, as well as universities and large hotels.

Why Use Baiting Over Chemical Sprays?

German Cockroaches in Your Home? The Benefits of Baiting vs Chemical Sprays

A lot of baits work very well for German Cockroaches if used properly. Tenants or restaurant workers don’t need to remove dishes, utensils, and food before baiting as they would have to do in preparation for a chemical treatment.

Chemical Treatment for Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs continue to explode here in Utah. If you or someone you know thinks that they have bed bugs, the first thing to do is get a thorough inspection. Bed bugs are cryptic and are difficult to find early in an infestation, but a good thorough inspection is where you start. You need to find out if you really do have bed bugs and if you do, where. If you do find bed bugs, the next step is design a rock solid protocol to eliminate them. One of those elimination options is a chemical treatment. 

Preventive Treatment for Bed Bugs

How To Keep Bed Bugs Away With A Preventive Treatment

Bed bugs continue to explode here in Utah. Prevent  a possible bed bug infestation with our preventive treatment. Our effective preventive treatment infiltrates any potential bed bug harborage to keep your home safe and inhospitable to these pests.

Everything You Need to Know About Heat Treatments

How To Prepare For Your Heat Treatment

There are many advantages to a bed bug heat treatment including: faster elimination, treating everything in the space, and less preparation on your part. We not only conduct a full  heat treatment, but we also include liquid insecticides and dusts into the process. Please let us know if you have any questions this process. We are here to help.

Hotel Services

Curious About Our Services For The Hotel Industry?

With Thorn’s proactive pest control services, you can make sure your guest rooms are and remain pest free. From bed bug inspections and removal to regular pest control monitoring services, we’ll keep your hotel full of happy guests instead of pesky pests.

Apartment Services

Apartment Managers: Keep Your Tenants Safe And Happy With Our Pest Management Services.

With Thorn’s focused pest control services, you can make sure your apartments are and remain pest free. From bed bug inspections and removal to regular pest control monitoring services, we will keep your apartment complex full of happy tenants instead of pesky pests.

Bird Services - Spiking

Interested In Bird Spiking?

Watch this short video to see what bird spiking looks like up close!

Our Services for Bird Pests

We Can Protect Your Property Permanently From The Negative Effects Of Bird Pests.

We permanently remove the bird pests. Thorn provides permanent bird solutions to protect your business and property. Every property is different and requires different solutions. We are here to help formulate a rock solid plan to remove the birds for good.

Meet Our Office Staff

Thank You For Calling Thorn Pest Solutions, How May We Help You?!

We wanted to give you the opportunity to meet the team behind the voices! These girls help you schedule appointments, answer all of your questions, talk to you about our services and they will also explain our techniques.

Food Processing Plant

Let Us Show You You How We Service A Food Plant.

Pest control inside and outside food plants is very important. Here at Thorn we take the highest amount of care in servicing these types of buildings. We want to make the environment safe for the food, the employees and the consumers while keeping the building free of any pests.

Electronic Rodent Monitoring

We Can Now Monitor Rodent Activity 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!

Rats and mice are incredibly intelligent animals. Electronic rodent monitors are a brand new technology to help us combat these kind of pests. We are able to remotely monitor traps and devices 24/7 from our headquarters by instantly receiving a notification when a rodent enters a device. ERMs are a game changer for rodent management. This technology allows us more time for inspection and problem solving which benefits your business because we can adequately predict trends and provide preventative treatments.

Proper Dumpster Maintenance

Helping to Prevent Pests Before They Enter

Maintaining your dumpster area can make a significant difference in the number of pests effecting your property. We hope you will use these quick and easy tips to your advantage!

Keep Your Restaurant Pest Free

We are here to help protect your restaurant and your reputation.

Pest control is much more than spraying baseboards. We are proactive experts by doing really detailed inspections. We provide you with detailed inspections and documentation, monitors, comprehensive programs. Getting started is easy; every plan is custom built for you to meet your specific needs.

We love what we do and are here to help in any way that we can.